Air Duct Cleaning

We strive to provide exceptional customer service and quality cleaning every time.

Please help us by preparing in the following ways:

  • Clear all items and breakables away from vents, stairways and furnace areas.
  • Allow our technician access to a tub or basin so we can clean filters and equipment.
  • If your vents are painted over, there is a chance that some small chipping may occur around the screws. If you'd like us to touch up these areas after cleaning, please have the appropriate paint available for use.
  • We recommend a clean, properly fitting filter be installed after cleaning. If you would like us to change your filter after we’ve cleaned your air duct system, please have a filter on hand. We recommend using our satisfaction-guaranteed electrostatic filters; ask any COIT representative for more information.
  • If your house isn't equipped with a circuit breaker, please have some extra fuses on hand - just in case.
  • Our specialized air duct cleaning process is safe for most properly installed and functional systems. If you are aware of any installation or mechanical problems, please inform our technician prior to cleaning so that we may take extra precautions.
  • Although we try to account for every vent in your system when doing the original estimate, there may be an additional charge should we happen to miss a hidden one.