August 19, 2011 Letter Recvd. from Mr. & Mrs. M. Ambridge PA: This is to inform you that we are very pleased with your skilled service workers, Scott and Oliver. Very promp, courteous and gave me thorough information on keeping up with my carpet. We will recommend to all of our family.

August 22, 2011: Bernie did a Fantastic Job. He couldn't have been any nicer. She will continue to use us for all of her future cleaning.  -Mrs. H. in Bethal Park. 

August 22. 2011: Very pleased with Coit overall. Your excellent staff always shows pride in their work. Very efficient and a pleasure to work with.  Mrs. J. in West Newton

August 24, 2011: Keep Up the good work. Bill always goes above and beyond what is expected of him. His many years puts him a step ahead of anyone else she has ever had.  Mrs. R. in North Hills.

August 29, 2011: Coit has always been thought of for drapery cleaning. But they were recommended for doing Duct cleaning.  We were very impressed with the technicians and how much cleaner our house is.

August 29, 2011: Please give our thank you to the owner for sending such nice workers. Nick installed my drapes and he was such a pleasure to work with. He shows such pride in his work and he is very meticulous in his work. Our carpet was cleaned by Brian and he too was superb.

September 1, 2011: Carnegie Mellon University Staff commented on what wonderful work was done at the school as well as how easy it is to work with Coit Employees.

September 1, 2011: Oliver did a great job.  Very pleased! Happy to refer to friends: Mr. E. Monroeville

September 2, 2011: Your office staff is always so helpful, the best customer service I have had in along time. I wish everyone was so pleasant. Mike S. in Bellevue

Sepetember 4, 2011: Thank you and your technicians for making every effort to take care of a last minute job. After another Carpet Cleaner cancelled at the last minute Your office  was able to get someone out to our home with little notice. Your technicians performed miracles in removing stains that previous cleaners couldn't. We will only call on Coit from now on. Jessica in  Lower Burrell.

September 6, 2011: We had alot of company over the holiday and everyone commented on how beautiful our house looked. They thought we just got new carpet. I was pleased to tell them that Coit had cleaned just two weeks before. Also the scotchgard really helps keep the carpet clean. Thank you Mr. R. in Upper St. Clair.

September 7,  2011: Please let Bernie know that all of our family will be calling on him before the holidays. He does such a thorough job.  All of our neighbors use him: Mrs. D. Mt. Lebanon

Sepember 12, 2011: After a bad experience with trying to clean my blinds myself, I trusted Coit to do them.  They were taken down, cleaned and rehung. They saved my from buying new ones. Glad to be a new customer. Allen B. of New Brighton

September 13, 2011: I recently had Steve come and cleane my furniture. We really love having him in our home, he is very personable and respects our home. I'm glad to see the representatives and cleaning crew pay attention to detail by wearing shoe protectors and leaving floor mats. Mrs. Mary Y, Export PA

September 15, 2011: We love having Coit clean our drapes. You have the best installers and our drapes always look like the day we bought them (20 years ago). Fine Job-Keep up the good work.  Ms. A. Stanton Heights.

September 21, 2011: Letter received: Your sales representative Austin came to my home and gave me an estimate on cleaning the carpet. I found him to be very knowledgeable, socialble and helpful. He is an asset to your company,

 September 26, 2011: Bill B. did an exceptional job. He got my white silk chairs to look new again. She has goosebumps..that is how happy she is. Thank you. Mrs. Miller of WestMifflin.

September 28, 2011: Bill Bridge is one of the best and most knowledgeable technicians he has ever had. I am sorry I didnt try Coit sooner. Bill explained everything. He is very educated and helps to educate the customer on carpet and padding.  -Mr. Slagel: Ohara Township.

October 4, 2011: Steve V. was a joy to have in her home, he was very thoughtful and considerated. Her drapery was installed with such attention to detail. They actually look better than when they were insalled by the decorator 10 years ago. Steve is a real professional. - Mrs. B. of Fox Chapel.

October 5.  2011: Bernie always does a nice job. I always refer all of my friends in Mt. Lebanon to Coit because we know he will do a great job. Top Notch Service!! -Betty R.

October 8, 2011.: Bill K. was one of the nicest workers she has seen in along time. He was personable and friendly, went out of his way to make her happy. - Mrs. O. of McMurray PA.

October 11, 2011: We have been having Coit clean our oriental area rugs for years. We can count on them to pick up and deliver. They are always perfectly cleaned.  Margaret -Fox Chapel

 October 18, 2011:  Carol F. of Peters Twnship called to say how extremely pleased she is with her carpet and drapery service. Her home looks wonderful and is now ready to start planning for holidays.

October 21, 2011: Nick is always went above and beyond what is expected. He is an asset to Coit. Always on time and Pleasant: Mrs. J. Greensburg PA. 

October 29, 2011: SalesRepresentative A.J. was a true professional, he greeted her with a friendly handshake and made it a point to cover his shoes before he entered her home and without being asked. " you dont see this kind of respect anymore" Technician Bernie was lovely as well and did a fabulous job cleaning carpet. -Rosemary G. -Carnegie

 November 1, 2011: Bill K. did a great job. Thanks for his patience. Greatly appreciated.- Mrs. M. -Scott Twp.

November 2, 2011: Bill B. is a gentleman and her carpet and upholstery looks "Devine"- Mary B. of Greenfield.

November 2, 2011: Bill B. -made everything look new. he is very knowledgable.- Maureen McV of Pleasant Hills PA.

November 5, 2011: Drapes were installed by representative: Steve V. They look like they were done by a decorator.  The pleats hang beautifully and they smell so fresh and clean. Steves dedication shows in his expert workmanship.  Mrs. L.  - O'Hara Twnship.

November 8, 2011:  Brian O. is the most kindest service person she has ever had. He shows pride in his work and has gone above their expectations. He is a very good worker. Mrs. R. Greensburg PA.

November 10, 2011: Coit is very lucky to have such a great crew. Sales Representative AJ. is very professional and knows his stuff. Technicians are very accomdating and do more than try to remove spots. They are not pushy and do work hard. Keep up the good work. - Robin K. Ambridge

November11, 2011: My experience with Coit was top notch. Employees seem to be very customer service oriented. I like that every question I had was answered in a very professional way and they stayed true to their word when it came to scheduling the service. They arrived on time. Their equipment and uniforms were very clean and they did the work for a fair price. -Stan O. of Butler

November  17, 2011: Techician Todd was very impressive with his knowledge of his cleaning. He knew just what to use to remove old stain caused by oil tracked into home. He gave us tips to keep up on our cleaning until next cleaning (Spring). I cant wait to use Coit again. Mrs William W. of Apollo, PA

November 22, 2011: Sooo happy with Coit. We had our tile and grout color sealed in our kitchen and hall. The flooring looks beautiful. It saved us from having to replace the flooring. Technician was very patient. My family is coming for Thanksgiving and we will refer them to Coit and their great staff.  We also like the 10year guarantee on the ColorSeal. Joan B. of Murrysville PA

November 26th, 2011: Thank you to Coit for making a last minute appointment for me to get our carpet and upholstery cleaning before Thanksgiving. Our unexpected out of town company was impressed with how beautiful our carpet looked. I would have never thought Coit could fit us in but  thank you again for a job well done. -Sue K. of Coraopolis.

Novemeber 26, 2011: Scott and Oliver did a great job. Carpets look wonderful. Those two technicians are keepers. - Mrs. Ritter - Brentwood

November 27, 2011: Great job Bill K. , very pleased with work. Furniture looks almost new. - S. Hamilton of Brentwood.

November 30, 2011: Nick C. always does a nice job. Very impressed with his workmanship. - MaryAnn.

December 1, 2011: Carpet cleaning crew were prompt and efficient. They treated me like I was royaltly. I didnt have to lift anything. They spent alot of time at my home. Very satisfied customer. Marla O. Beaver Falls.

December 1, 2011: Bill was a great technician. He gives great advise and is an asset to Coit. -Dave of Kennedy Township.

December 5, 2011: Drapes were cleaned for first time in many years. I was suprised with how beautiful the look. I am glad I made the decission to use Coit. I will definately call again for other cleaning in the home.  Mrs. Albert of Apollo PA.

December 6, 2011: I didnt know Coit cleaned Airducts until I saw TV commercial. I was glad I called. They did a great job and for a good price. -George E. of Burgettstown PA

December 6. 2011: Last minute decission to have wholehouse cleaned I was referred to Coit. I appreciate sameday service and the workers willingness to stay after normal business hours. I will use Coit again to clean for me in the spring and for my office as well. -Virginia of S.Fayette.

December 9. 2011: Brian O. and Matt R. were great to have in our home. They were very easy to work with and did what I asked of them. They show great pride in their work. Good Job. Mrs. R.-Cranberry PA

December 12, 2011: Bill K. did a wonderful job. Everything looks great. -Mrs. McC. of Portersville PA

December 14, 2011: Glad our Airducts were cleaned by Coit. It also made a difference that your representative came out to look at the job first. The duct cleaners did a nice job and cleaned up after themselves. Keep up the good work.  -Edward G. -Greensburg PA

December 15. 2011: Carpet and Furniture look like new. I will recommend Coit to all my family and friends.-Alice of McCandless Twp.

December 15, 2011: Todd came out to the home was pleasant and professional. Will use Coit in the spring time for tile and grout cleaning and blinds.

 December 16, 2011: Brian O' was very professional. She never used Coit before. But she will now always consider us. Mrs. O'B, Greensburg PA

December 22. 2011: Bill K. cleaned upholstery for her and she is very pleased. Furniture looks perfect- Mrs. F. South Hills PA

January 11, 2012: Good News. Steve M. and Brian O. really impressed first time customer. She especially liked that they called in the morning about their arrival time and they arrived when they said they would. Way to go!. Maria C. of Washington PA

January 16, 2012: Mike C. is a joy to have in the home. He is a valuable employee. He gave alot of pointers about taking care of their furnace. "Meeting Mike was a gift" -Customer: Myron W.

January 18, 2012:Another compliment for Mike C. in Airduct Cleaning: He was very professional and a joy to have in her home. Mrs. J. - Swisshelm Park