When you have downtime in your already busy schedule, does the first thing on your to do list say “scrub tile and grout for hours”? If you can think of other ways to spend your free time, take a minute and consider the benefits of investing in Coit tile and grout cleaning San Francisco.

Coit’s tile and grout cleaning services in the Bay Area are among the best of the best when it comes to blasting through the toughest grease and grime stains, as well as discoloration. If you try to scrub tile and grout yourself, you may be able to remove the top layer; however, it’s nearly impossible to get deep within grout lines to remove bacteria, mildew and other contaminants on your own.

That’s where Coit San Francisco’s heavy duty cleaning equipment can take over. Using commercial grade equipment, a heated solution and a high pressure rinse – along with professional vacuum power – we’ll do the work that traditional cleaning solutions just can’t do to revive your tile and grout right away.

If You Hire Coit Tile and Grout Cleaning San Francisco, Here’s What You’ll Get

  • Our team of grout cleaners is happy to take the burden of manual cleaning tile and grout off you; you won’t have to scrub on your hands and knees any longer to get rid of tough dirt and grime.
  • Coit’s heavy duty grout cleaning machine is specially designed to effectively blast right through mildew, mold and microscopic bacteria that loves to dig into your tile and grout lines.
  • No matter where your home has tile and grout that needs attention, our team can perform our deep cleaning treatment, which includes indoor and outdoor patios, kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Instead of having to replace your tile and grout that’s damaged, dirty and worn out over time, why not invest in one professional deep cleaning treatment every 12 months?
  • If you’re up for a whole new look for your tile and grout, ask our San Francisco technicians about the benefits of trying COITColorSeal.

Our Grout Cleaning San Francisco Team is Trained and Certified by the IICRC

From applying COITColorSeal to using heavy duty equipment to penetrate grout lines, Coit’s San Francisco technicians always operate under the watchful eye of the IICRC – the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification. 

We take hands-on training courses and related certification exams to teach us exactly how to properly deep clean tile and grout; we’re then tested on this knowledge to make sure we can deliver 100% satisfaction to customers.

Cleaning Tile Grout is Our Specialty & We Vouch for Our Results in Writing

And here’s what this 100% satisfaction guarantee looks like:

  • Reclean – if you don’t love the way your tile and grout sparkles when our work is complete, we’ll reclean it for you immediately.
  • Refund – should the additional cleaning not improve the results, we’ll give you a refund.
  • Repair – if any items experience accidental damage while we work, we’ll absolutely pay for all repairs.
  • Rectify – and if repair isn’t feasible, we’ll rectify the problem by handing over a cash credit to you that will let you buy a replacement item.

Let’s get your tile and grout back to sparkling – give Coit San Francisco a call today to set up an appointment for a free inspection and estimate.


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Very pleased with service quality

Thanks to COIT, our bathroom grout is finally clean. Our house cleaners tried everything and nothing worked. I wish I had used COIT earlier. 

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Date published: 10/28/2017
5 / 5 stars