Have you ever tried to quickly scrub the tile and grout in your bathroom? If so, you may have noticed that the words “quickly” and “cleaning tile and grout” don’t usually go together. That’s because it can often feel like a huge job, especially if you haven’t deep cleaned your tile and grout in a while, right? That’s where COIT tile and grout cleaning Salt Lake City is trained to take over so you don’t have to worry about tackling this kind of cleaning on your own.

Instead of struggling with regular mop cleaning or scrubbing by hand, you can invest in the professional services offered by COIT. You’ll save time and you’ll end up with a much better result than you would with manual cleaning – we guarantee it!

Our Salt Lake City team has the training, technology and professional experience to take your home’s tile and grout to an entirely new level of clean. We won’t simply clean the surface of the tile and grout lines, either; we’ll use commercial-grade technology that digs deep below the pores of tiles and grout lines to extract microscopic bacteria that’s hiding underneath.

COIT Tile and Grout Cleaning Salt Lake City: What Can You Expect?

  • You can say farewell to hours of scrubbing – why clean tile and grout on your hands and knees when it’s not as effective as our specially designed, powerful grout cleaning machine?
  • If you’re not a fan of mildew, mold and bacteria taking up residence in the pores of your tiles or within grout lines, our Salt Lake City grout cleaners will definitely get rid of that for you after just one treatment.
  • From bathrooms to kitchens to outdoor patios, COIT has years of experience digging deeply into grout lines and tiles to extract all kinds of bacteria that negatively affect your health.
  • Rather than paying for replacement tile and grout that has seen its share of wear and tear, invest in COIT’s professional cleaning treatment every 12 months as a more cost effective way to maintain its condition.
  • With the addition of COITColorSeal, your tile and grout can take on a whole new look, if you’re up for it!

Every COIT Technician is Certified by the IICRC when Cleaning Tile Grout 

Every one of our Salt Lake City technicians is up for taking training courses and certification exams given by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). We require each of our team members to get properly trained and certified by this global organization, whose goal is to maintain standards of excellence for all professional cleaning companies.

By investing in these formal training courses and ensuring our technicians pass the appropriate related exams, we can confidently promise that each of our Salt Lake City technicians provides the best services in the area.

Our Grout Cleaning Salt Lake City Team Stands Behind a Satisfaction Guarantee

Our tile and grout cleaning services are among the best services in Salt Lake City – and we back up this promise by standing behind our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Reclean, Refund, Repair, Rectify – We Uphold the 4 R’s at All Times!

  • If your tile and grout doesn’t look right when we’re finished, we’ll reclean it for free.
  • If the second cleaning doesn’t fix any issues, let us know so we can issue you a refund.
  • If any item experiences accidental damage during our cleaning service, we’ll repair the item for you.
  • If repair isn’t in the cards for any reason, we’ll rectify the problem by giving you a full cash credit that’s equal to the item’s original monetary value.

Say goodbye to exhausting and ineffective tile and grout cleaning done by hand; let COIT Salt Lake City blast away tile and grout build up using the industry’s most advanced technology. 

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I So Appreciate that COIT Knows Its Business and Doesn't Skim on Materials or Workmanship as They Clean!

I so appreciate that COIT knows its business and doesn't skim on materials or workmanshp as they clean!

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Date published: 07/08/2013
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