Whether you have window treatments or drapes in your home, chances are at some point, they’ll need a deep clean, right? The question is, do you want to do all of that work yourself, or do you want to call in the professionals to perform the deepest cleaning possible? Here is one helpful option: relying on Coit drapery and blind cleaning Cleveland instead. 

Coit is a company that is known for our signature drapery and blind cleaning service. Over the past six decades, we’ve been using specific cleaning procedures on our customer’s window treatments that we literally invented.

The results? Stain, dirt and odor-free drapery and blinds. Using powerful vacuum equipment, we’ll extract visible stains and invisible allergens that seep into the air you breathe. We can treat all kinds of window coverings, including convertible shades, honeycomb shades, plantation shutters, roller shades and more.

A Few Reasons to Give Coit Drapery and Blind Cleaning Cleveland a Try

  • Our team is professionally trained to perform drapery cleaning procedures; in fact, Coit is actually the largest and most experienced company in the world when it comes to drapery cleaning.
  • Our blind cleaning services come with complimentary removal and reinstallation, so you literally won’t have to lift a finger once you make an appointment.
  • If you’re looking for results that include even hems, no shrinkage and parallel pleats, Coit Cleveland can provide this service.
  • In addition to deep cleaning, we also specialize in repairs and alterations should you need that as well.
  • And finally, if you’re feeling proactive, Coit can also offer flame proofing services.

Coit Drapery Cleaning Follows the Institute of Inspection Cleaning & Restoration Cleaning

Whether we’re flame proofing or deep cleaning your window treatments, we’re performing our services with the IICRC at the top of mind. 

The IICRC, or the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification, is a global organization that sets the specific standards and best practices for cleaning companies all over the planet. Whenever a Coit Cleveland technician is in your home, you can feel good that our signature cleaning procedures align with IICRC recommendations.

Coit Has Been Upholding a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for over 64 Years

Our signature cleaning procedures are also backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee that Cleveland customers can enjoy with each and every service. 

So what does this look like for you?

Reclean, Refund, Repair, Rectify

  • Reclean - if your drapery and blinds aren’t as clean as you’d like them to be, simply let us know and we’ll reclean them right away at no extra cost.
  • Refund - if the additional round of cleaning isn’t meeting your expectations, we’ll gladly refund the entire cost of the service.
  • Repair - should one of our technicians break an item while in your home, we’ll take care of the entire repair cost.
  • Rectify – if repair isn’t a route you’d like to pursue, we’ll gladly present you with an equivalent cash credit to help you buy a replacement.

Give your drapery and blinds a refresh to keep them in better condition. Call Coit Cleveland today.