To restore clean, bright, sanitary tile counters and floors, our COIT cleaning pros uses a system that blasts through the stains, dirt, and grime accumulated in the seams over time. It can be next to impossible to remove oils and stains by hand. Rather than spending hours scrubbing to try to clean grout between kitchen, bathroom, or floor tiles with limited results, our deep cleaning process can be performed quickly and thoroughly with the help of our team of tile and grout cleaning specialists.

Cleaning Tile Grout

Our heavy-duty cleaning system at COIT restores grout with commercial grout cleaning machine that employs a powerful heated cleaning solution along with a high-pressure rinsing and extraction process. After cleaning, your tiled areas are left restored and sparkling. Ready to get the grout in your kitchen, bathroom, or tile flooring restored, refreshed, and shining like new? Once the grout and tile are cleaned, we can go one step further and apply COITColorSeal to repel dirt, grime, and oils in the months ahead.

Certified Tile and Grout Cleaning Services

Our grout cleaners are fully trained and certified by the IICRC (the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification). With years of experience and training, you can be confident that we will perform a thorough, professional grout cleaning that will leave counters, bathroom tile, and tile floors fresh and bright with the grease, oils, stains, dirt and dust completely removed.

We Guarantee Our Tile and Grout Cleaning Indianapolis

At COIT, we guarantee our services and promise 100% customer satisfaction. You can expect our team to treat your home environment with respect  and that our grout and tile cleaning technicians will work quickly and effectively. Our guarantee of services makes it possible for tile counters, bathroom areas, and floors to be fully and effectively cleaned – to your complete satisfaction. Check out our “4 R” guarantee for COIT services:

  • Recleaning: If you feel your tile and grout was not cleaned to your satisfaction, we return and reclean it at no charge.
  • Refund: If recleaning hasn’t produced the result we promised, we will refund the cost of our grout cleaning.
  • Repair: Should any accidental damage occurred during cleaning, we repair the damage at no cost.
  • Rectify: If repair cannot be achieved, we rectify the problem by providing a cash credit for replacement.


How to Clean Tile Grout Properly

Our professional grout cleaning process thoroughly cleans and extract stains, dirt, and grime that mar the appearance of the tiled areas in your home. To clean grout properly requires more than a scrub brush, elbow grease, and hours of work with a grout cleaning product purchased at a home improvement store.

Grout and Tile Cleaning Specialists

For counters, bathrooms, and tile floors that sparkle with cleanliness, schedule a regular professional tile and grout cleaning once a year, or as needed to make your home perfect for guests. We are here to make your life easier, and our customers trust us to get the job done right the first time. With decades in the cleaning business and a stellar reputation in the cleaning industry, along with our customer satisfaction guarantee, you can be confident that we will leave the tile in your home looking fresh, brilliant, and shining.