Water Damage Restoration  

Whether you have experienced a severe rain storm or a broken water heater, the COIT Water Damage Restoration Atlanta team provides expert water restoration services.  Our team helps Atlanta homeowners recover and restore their homes after experiencing water damage from basement flooding, wind driven rain, or burst pipes or broken appliances. In the Atlanta area, flooding can occur due to a variety of causes: intense rainstorms, insufficient drainage, overflowing rivers or plumbing disasters.

Not only can your home suffer structural damage from water, but, after a 48 hour period, you are in danger of a mold infestation. Quick treatment can often save drywall, cabinetry, flooring and soft furnishings.  Most importantly, immediate action will protect your home's structural integrity. Once you call COIT, our team will be at your home right away to start pumping out the water.  Then we will start drying out the structure and your possessions. We even provide 24-hour emergency services; so do not hesitate to call in the middle of the night if you have a flood. Our expert water restoration technicians at COIT Atlanta have professional training, experience, and the necessary specialized equipment to perform your home’s water damage restoration.  


Fire Damage Restoration  

While fire damage can be as dramatic and severe as a charred, blackened, and gutted structure, some types of severe fire damage are not as noticeable right away.  Smoke damage is one of the most common forms of fire damage that causes thousands of dollars in damages, if not treated immediately. Smoke from house fires contains all sorts of corrosive acids that can permanently damage electronic and pit the metals of everyday household items. Even a seemingly “minor” fire can be financially devastating due to smoke damage. Smoke and soot are also terrible for your health, never attempt to clean of treat fire damage without proper protection including respiratory protection. After a fire, even a small one, you should call a qualified fire damages restoration company like call COIT right away.  

COIT offers 24 emergency services to begin preserving your possessions and saving your home’s surfaces. The experts at COIT Fire Damage Restoration Atlanta start getting your life back to normal. Our team has the experience to handle all aspects of your fire damage restoration job including securing your home with boards, water damage restoration, smoke mitigation, and restoring clothing and soft furnishings.  


Mold Remediation

Whether your mold is due to humidity, a leak or a flood, the COIT Mold Restoration team of Atlanta have experienced technicians ready to remove the mold in your home or building.  Do not ignore mold! It is a health hazard and irritant.  This is especially important of your are a landlord; mold is considered a severe habitability issue. Our team specializes in identifying, killing, and removing mold growth from single-family homes, multi-unit buildings and local Atlanta businesses.

COIT uses HEPA vacuums, drying equipment, and antimicrobial cleaners to kill mold.  We remove the dead mold, inhibit further growth, and restore your walls, floors, and furnishings. COIT Atlanta follows the useful and detailed procedures of the Standard Reference Guide for Professional Mold Remediation.  Your mold remediation service will be performed correctly to restore safety and health to your home again.