After normal wear and tear, your carpets will begin to show signs of much-needed cleaning. But, cleaning every spot by yourself, can seem tiring and time-consuming. 

With COIT Carpet Cleaning Chicago, you won’t have to do anything. COIT utilizes a truck mounted, professional cleaning method and our team of trained technicians will extract dirt and stains that regular household cleaning supplies are not equipped to handle. COIT’s carpet cleaning techniques will also go beyond removing surface stains.

Inside your carpets are hidden bacteria, allergens and invisible dust mites collected over time. Using powerful technology, we can go beyond a simple shampoo and offer you deep down extraction. Using a non-toxic emulsifier, our technicians utilize the industry’s best carpet cleaning technology to attack problem areas. After lifting as much dirt as possible, we’ll apply deodorizers to keep your carpet smelling fresh.

Top it off with CoitGard, our protective coating that’s designed to prolong the life of your carpet. Your carpets will not only look cleaner; you’ll also be creating a cleaner, healthier home for you and your family.

Get Customized Carpet Cleaning Treatments

COIT Carpet Cleaning Chicago is known for following the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) methods. Our technicians know which techniques and what equipment to use based on the age and condition of your carpet. 

COIT Carpet Cleaning Chicago can offer you a customized treatment for your carpet to remove ingrained dirt, tough stains, and microscopic allergens and restore your carpet’s original appearance. By following these trusted methods, your carpet will be repaired, and the air in your home will be cleaner and healthier.

Hire Chicago Carpet Cleaning to Experience a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee 

When we execute carpet cleaning fundamentals during your service, you’ll immediately be able to see the difference in how your carpet looks and feels – we guarantee it.

  • We’ll reclean your carpet a second time at no extra charge to eliminate any of your specific concerns.
  • If your concerns aren’t completely removed with the recleaning, let us know, and we’ll offer you a refund.
  • Should any surrounding item be accidentally damaged while we work, we will happily take care of labor and costs surrounding repair.
  • Finally, we will rectify any issues with repair by giving you an equivalent cash credit you can then use to buy a replacement.

Walk on a cleaner carpet that’s healthier for your home. Take a few minutes to talk to a COIT representative to schedule a free carpet inspection and cost estimate.