Expect the best window treatments when you hire COIT drapery and blind cleaning of Cookeville. COIT will improve the cleanliness and health of your home. When dust, dirt, allergens and odors build up on the inside of your drapes, these elements not only become visible but; it also affects the indoor air quality of your home. 

Our team of technicians is made up of drapery cleaning specialists who are knowledgeable in residential drapery and blind cleaning. Each technician has experience in treating all types of drapery and curtains. COIT also tends to your window coverings, going beyond just routine dusting and scrubbing with our commercial-grade equipment that digs deep within the material.

COIT Drapery and Blind Cleaning Cookeville Offers the Following Benefits

  • COIT is the most experienced drapery cleaning company with over 64 years of experience.
  • Free re-installation after our service
  • No shrinkage
  • We use ultrasonic blind cleaning techniques
  • We perform alterations and repairs if needed.
  • Flameproofing available when requested.


COIT Invented An Innovative Blind Cleaning Process

Give COIT a call your window treatments will experience a cleaning method that we created ourselves. This is a longtime cleaning specialty that’s been tried and tested with thousands of customers all around the world.


Why Choose COIT Drapery Cleaning Santa Monica Over Other Companies?

In addition to COIT’s longtime presence in the cleaning industry, what are some other reasons that you should choose COIT to clean your window treatments? Well, simply because we are committed to keeping our customers happy!


Enjoy COIT’s 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Yes, we offer 100% satisfaction guarantee!


  • If your blinds, drapes or shades aren’t perfectly cleaned when we’re finished, we will re-clean them for free.
  • Following the second round of cleaning, if you’re still not satisfied, we will refund the cost of the drapery and blind cleaning service.
  • Should we cause any damage by accident to items in your home while cleaning your window treatments, we will repair it.
  • If the repair option isn’t possible, we will rectify the issue – we’ll help you replace the item by giving you a cash credit.


Is it time to freshen up your drapes, blinds, shutters or other window treatments? Stop them from collecting dust and allergens by calling COIT drapery and blind cleaning Cookeville today.