We should all be aware of the importance in improving the quality of our indoor air. Now, ask yourself, when was the last time your home’s air ducts were cleaned? The air passes through the HVAC system, contains small particles of dirt and harmful bacteria. The dust in the air will eventually get deposited into your air ducts and released into your home. You may be surprised by how much dirt is in your air ducts right now. 

It is important for our health to have a supply of clean air to breathe in, especially for people suffering from asthma or those with allergies. Indoor air quality can be polluted, and many studies have shown that the pollution levels are higher than outdoor air in some cases. These findings are researched and reported by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). 

Curious About How We Clean Your Air Ducts?

Inspecting your entire HVAC system will be the first action step we take. Before any cleaning begins, COIT Cookeville cleaners will take the precautions needed to preserve your carpets and furniture. Next, COIT Cookeville cleaning technicians will use special brushes to dislodge dirt and debris. Then we’ll eliminate the dust with high-powered vacuums that extract the mess outside to protect your indoor air quality. 

Once we clear the majority of the dirt, we’ll clean your HVAC system from the coils to the duct surfaces, drain pans, humidifiers, and fans.  The last step is to re-seal and begin insulating the access holes, making them airtight to protect your ductwork better. 

The advantages of having your air ducts cleaned by COIT Cookeville:


  • COIT Cookeville’s thorough cleaning will remove all dirt and harmful allergens.
  • Properly cleaning your HVAC system improves its energy efficiency
  • Breath air that is free of built up pollen, dander, dirt and other allergens.
  • COIT Cookeville offers all types of filters matching your particular HVAC system.
  • COIT Cookeville adheres to the best practices set by the NADCA.
  • We offer dryer vent cleaning the same day as your air duct cleaning service 


Why are COIT Air Duct Cleaners of Cookeville the Best?

COIT has over 64 years of cleaning experience. Choosing the right company to clean your HVAC system, Cookeville residents trust COIT. After our service, you will agree that COIT will be the only air duct cleaning of Cookeville business you will ever need! 

COIT Cookeville provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee for all customers.


  • RE-CLEAN – If you are not satisfied with the first cleaning we will do a re-clean for free.
  • REFUND – If you are not satisfied after the second cleaning we will refund your money.
  • REPAIR – Any damages caused to your home from our cleaning technicians will be repaired. 
  • RECTIFY – If repair is not possible, we will rectify the situation by crediting the value of the damage our technicians have caused.


The team members at COIT are the technicians Cookeville residents can trust for excellent service. Just give us a call!