Are you embarrassed by stains on your sofa?  Do you think it is time to give up and buy a new couch? If your furniture is looking tired, stained, compressed, and worn, it is time for COIT’s upholstery cleaning services.  Once you get your furniture cleaned, you will be pleasantly surprised at how effective the COIT Pittsburgh upholstery cleaning technicians are can at getting your furniture clean and stain free. COIT Pittsburgh’s master upholstery cleaners are very experienced and can deal with all sorts of stains, from ketchup to coffee. General dirt and grime stands no chance.

COIT Pittsburgh’s Furniture Cleaning 

When you schedule a COIT Pittsburgh upholstery cleaning, our team members will show up on time for your appointment and begin your service by examining your furniture. They will carefully determine the fabric type, general soil level, and take note of any worn spots, rips, tear, spots, or stains. We’ll provide you with a written quote.  We are up front with pricing; you’ll have the price before the upholstery cleaning service begins. The COIT Upholstery Cleaners are happy to schedule your cleaning to occur on the same day as your quote appointment. At COIT Pittsburgh, our upholstery cleaning method is the highly effective hot-water extraction treatment.  Hot water extraction provides a very deep clean without damaging upholstered furniture.  Pet stains? No fear, we are great at eradicating pet stains and odors. 

Benefits of a COIT Professional Upholstery Cleaning?  

  • We clean all sorts of upholstery fabric: wool, natural, synthetic, microfiber, silk, cotton, twill, velvet, everything
  • Eradicate stains, spots, and unpleasant smells 
  • Fabric specific cleaning methods are effective without being damaging 
  • Love your pets without sacrificing your furniture, we remove pet dander, odors, stains, and hair
  • Need protection? Ask for optional COITGard to prevent future stains 
  • If you need upholstery repair, COIT Pittsburgh does it! 

A COIT Pittsburgh furniture cleaning can benefit your home’s indoor air quality by removing allergens typical to upholstered furniture like dust, dander, dust mites, and pollens. 

COIT Pittsburgh Follows the IICRC’s Best Practices on Upholstery Cleaning

The IICRC is an international recognized organization that sets standards for upholstery cleaning. COIT Pittsburgh always follows the IICRC’s cleaning techniques for upholstery cleaning and restoration.

Why choose COIT Pittsburgh Upholstery Cleaners?

Our highest goals at COIT upholstery cleaning Pittsburgh are making our customers happy, giving our customers the very best upholstery cleaning possible, and offering good value. A professional upholstery cleaning service is an excellent value because it can make your furniture look new again without the expense of purchasing furniture. We stand by our services with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  We know you will be thrilled with COIT Pittsburgh’s Upholstery cleaning or:

  • COIT Pittsburgh will perform an RE-CLEANING of your upholstered furniture pieces so that they are cleaned to your satisfaction.  In the unlikely event, that the second furniture cleaning does not get the job done, COIT Pittsburgh will…
  • Give you a REFUND on the upholstery service.  We are quite confident in the value of our upholstery cleaning services.  
  • The technicians at COIT Pittsburgh will be very careful in your home but if something breaks, we’ll… REPAIR it. COIT Upholstery Cleaning Pittsburgh will even guarantee to…
  • RECTIFY it crediting you with the present actual cash value* if the damaged item if it cannot be repaired in the form of a credit toward a future COIT Pittsburgh cleaning service. 

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