Is it time to clean your home’s drapes and blinds?  If you have not washed your curtains recently, go shake them; you’ll be surprised at how dirty they are.  While curtains enhance our home’s décor, protect rugs and floors from the sun, and keep our homes warm, they also gather dust in an alarming way.  This can be a big problem if anyone in your home has allergies. If your home’s blinds are coated with dust or your drapes raise a cloud of dust when shook, it is time for a cleaning. Why not let COIT Pittsburgh do it for you? Many fabrics are not washable or will shrink with traditional washing and cleaning blinds can be so tedious with vacuuming and wiping down each individual slat. Don’t fret; COIT Pittsburgh specializes in caring for window treatmentsCOIT Cleaning and Restoration actually invented our effective and gentle drapery cleaning process. Drapery cleaning remains COIT’s signature service.  

What are the Benefits of COIT Pittsburgh’s Drapery and Blind Cleaning Services?

  • No driving about town. COIT Pittsburgh does free window treatment pickup and return.  
  • Put away the ladder and relax; COIT Pittsburgh handles window treatment removal and replacement.
  • Cleaning drapery and blinds will help your home’s air quality by removing accumulated dust and irritants 
  • Concerned about fire safety? COIT Pittsburgh has optional flame retardant 
  • No shrinking, straight hems, and perfectly pressed pleats
  • COIT Pittsburgh has optional repair services if your drapes have a torn hem or you need hemming

Are your home’s drapes particularly delicate or expensive? COIT Pittsburgh’s fabric experts provide drapery cleaning Pittsburgh residents trust to clean their most treasured fabrics. From simple cotton, gingham, and nylon to ultra-luxurious fabrics like silk velvet, duchesse satin, Belgian linen and Thai silk, COIT Pittsburgh’s drapery technicians are the best. Our proprietary cleaning techniques ensure a thorough clean without damaging delicate fabrics.

COIT Drapery and Blind Cleaning Pittsburgh has extensive experience cleaning all sorts of blinds and shades. Our technicians have cleaned everything from linen shades, rolling shades, Roman shades, Venetian blinds, honeycomb shades, plantation shudders, and many species of wooden blinds. We clean everything!

When well cared for, shades, blinds, and drapes will continue protecting and beautifying your home for years and years. 

COIT Pittsburgh Drapery and Blind Cleaning is the Best Choice 

COIT Pittsburgh has excellent cleaning standards and our cleaning experts provide drapery and blind cleaning Pittsburgh residents trust with their most valuable fabrics. COIT Pittsburgh has a 100% satisfaction guarantee policy; we ensure that our customers feel valued and are happy with the COIT Pittsburgh window treatment cleaning process. 

  • COIT Pittsburgh great cleaning work. You’ll love how clean your window treatments are or COIT Pittsburgh do an RE-CLEANING.
  • If you don’t love your clean window treatments after the second cleaning, COIT Pittsburgh will REFUND your money.
  • You can trust that we won’t damage your drapes because COIT Pittsburgh promises to REPAIR anything that gets damaged. 
  • If anything else goes wrong, COIT Pittsburgh will RECTIFY the issue with a credit for the present actual cash value* of the blinds or curtains.  

COIT Pittsburgh is happy to offer blind and drapery cleaning Pittsburgh residents trust.


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