Are you ready to walk on and clean, plush carpeting that’s free from stains and other bacteria that lies just below the surface? If so, you may want to explore what COIT carpet cleaning Rio Rancho can offer you. 

Our team is committed to providing the most in depth, most effective carpet cleaning services you can find. We’ll start by thoroughly inspecting your home’s carpet to get a clear idea of its current condition; we’ll then come up with a custom cleaning plan that will produce the best results. Once we’ve got a plan together, we’ll begin work extracting dirt, dust, stains and other allergens from deep within your home’s carpet.

COIT Rio Rancho Carpet Cleaning: Here’s What We Offer Every Single Customer

  • The team at COIT Rio Rancho carpet cleaners will remove spots, stains and any other contaminants we gather using our top-of-the-line truck-mounted cleaning system.
  • You won’t have to worry about a surprise bill when we’re finished – we’ll be sure to present you with a detailed written estimate that tells you exactly how much our carpet cleaning services cost, prior to beginning work.
  • By hiring a professional carpet cleaner like COIT ever 6 to 12 months, you’ll lengthen the life of your carpets so they look better, feel softer and contribute to a healthier environment in your home.
  • For dog and cat owners, COIT is your best bet, as we know exactly how to approach and eliminate difficult pet stains that are resistant to regular household scrubbing.
  • To guard against future stains appearing on your carpet following a cleaning, we can apply COITGard fabric protector on top of your clean carpet to provide a sort of shield against dirt and stains.
  • If your carpet is damaged and needs some sort of repair in certain areas, we’re happy to provide these repair services as well.

COIT Carpet Cleaning Rio Rancho is a Loyal Follower of the Well-Respected IICRC

Whenever we’re deep cleaning or repairing your home’s carpet, we’re doing so while adhering to the guidelines outlined by the IICRC – or the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification. This non-profit organization is a leader in the professional cleaning industry, providing training and best practices that keep the customer’s needs in mind. The IICRC is constantly evaluating current cleaning techniques and coming up with better ways to professionally clean carpet.

Invest in a Cleaning Company that Promises Results – or Your Money Back

With COIT house cleaning services Rio Rancho, your carpet is in good hands. Not only do we follow the recommendations outlined by the IICRC; we also ensure you’re satisfied with the results by offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

  • If you don’t like the way your carpet looks when our deep cleaning treatment is complete, let us know so we can reclean it for you right away.
  • After this additional round of cleaning, if you’re still not thrilled with your carpet’s appearance, we’ll gladly refund the cost of the service.
  • Should any damages occur accidentally while we’re working, we’ll repair the items so you don’t have to lift a finger fixing it.
  • If repairs aren’t possible for that particular item, we’ll rectify the issue by giving you a cash credit that’s equal to the item’s value.

Take the first step toward plush, clean carpet by calling COIT carpet cleaning Rio Rancho today at 505-369-6189.