Let’s face it; to try cleaning area rugs at home is exhausting, ineffective, and can even damage area rugs. What is worse then trying to lift a wet, 80 square foot rug?  And if the rug doesn’t completely dry, you can end up with a musty or even moldy mess. With COIT area rug cleaning Portland , local residents can relax while COIT does all the work.  And we do excellent area rug cleaning that not only helps you breathe easier by removing dirt and allergens, cleaning actually protects and extends the life of your area rug. 

The Easy Area Rug Cleaning Process 

  • COIT is the area rug cleaners who make getting your home’s rugs cleaned easy.  Don’t worry about rolling up a heavy rug, wrestling it into the car, and hauling it across town. We take care of everything, from pickup to delivery. 
  • We’ll examine your area for fabric type and do spot cleaning if needed. We are very good at treating stains, including pet stains.
  • Our exclusive cleaning process removes deeply embedded dirt and smells.  It is effective yet safe for all types of rugs, including silk, wool, and synthetics.
  • Once your rug is clean, stain free, and dry, we’ll deliver it t your home and put it back exactly where you want it. COIT has the best area rug cleaners in Portland!

The Top Advantages of Using COIT Area Rug Cleaning Portland

  • You’ll get the very best area cleaning possible; COIT has been in the rug cleaning business since 1950.
  • Free pickup and delivery; it’s part all part of our service.
  • No hidden fees, COIT Rug Cleaning Portland offers written estimates. 
  • We offer optional repair services
  • Optional COITGard fabric protector is available to protect your area rugs

Care for Area Rugs the Right Way

Area rugs are durable furnishing that have been used for thousands of years.  With the right care, your area rugs can last decades.  COIT Portland recommends:

  • Use rug pads 
  • Rotate rugs every couple months 
  • Don’t wear outside shoes in the home
  • Vacuum at least once a week 
  • Blot up and treat spills immediately 

COIT is Portland’s Choice for IICRC Accredited for Area Rug Cleaning Services

COIT Portland certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) for area rug cleaning Portland residents can trust.  Because our cleaning technicians always closely follow the IICRC’s recommendations and best practices, you can have the peace of mind of knowing that your home’s area rugs will be cleaned thoroughly and safely. 

COIT has the best Area Rug Cleaners in Portland, Oregon!

You’ll be happy with COIT Portland’s customer service, we guarantee it

  • We’ll RE-CLEAN your rug if you are unhappy with your Persian rug cleaning, guaranteed.  
  • If your rug is not plush and clean enough after the second cleaning, we’ll give you a REFUND.  
  • If something gets damaged we promise to REPAIR it. 
  • If that doesn’t work we’ll RECTIFY the damage with a credit for the present actual cash value* toward a future COIT Portland service. 

COIT performs the area rug cleaning Portland residents trust for bright, plush, and spot free area rugs. Call us now at 503-233-5796!


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