SWhy is it so difficult to keep tile and grout clean over time? It seems like no matter how hard we scrub, discoloration, dirt, grease and grime somehow find a way to make their presence known. That’s when COIT tile and grout cleaning Santa Fe can step in to help.

Our expertly trained Santa Fe technicians can deep clean tile and grout in a variety of locations, from countertops to showers to floors, utilizing a specially designed heated solution that breaks through the toughest of grease stains. 

Thanks to a high pressure rinse that’s generated by the best deep cleaning technology available, your tile and grout will experience a deep clean that goes above and beyond household cleaning solutions.

COIT Tile and Grout Cleaning Santa Fe Services at a Glance

  • Our tile and grout cleaning services allow you to say goodbye to manual scrubbing that takes hours of your time and energy.
  • If you’re tired of looking at mold, mildew and bacteria that builds up inside grout lines over time, let us use our powerful tile and grout cleaning machine to get rid of these unhealthy contaminants for good.
  • Our expertly trained technicians have experience cleaning tile grout in all kinds of places around your house – from kitchens, to bathrooms to outdoor patios, we have the knowledge, skills and professional equipment to get the job done right.
  • Instead of paying a fortune to replace tile and grout that’s worn down, dirty and damaged, why not hire Santa Fe’s best professional grout cleaners to restore and revive it for much cheaper?
  • If you’re up for a whole new look, consider exploring COITColorSeal, which lets you change up the appearance and color of your home’s grout lines.

We Follow the Lead of the Internationally Recognized IICRC 

Whenever you hire COIT grout cleaning Santa Fe to use COITColorSeal or deep clean your home’s tile and grout, you can rest assured that each and every step we take to complete the deep cleaning treatment has been approved by the IICRC – the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification. 

This organization acts as a role model for all professional cleaning companies who pride themselves on upholding the highest standards for their customers. Through conducting research and determining the best ways to deep clean tile and grout, the IICRC puts forth a set of standards that help companies like COIT deliver effective, healthy and consistent results.

If You’re Not Satisfied with the Results, You Simply Don’t Pay a Cent!

If you don’t feel that our grout cleaning machine is able to deliver these effective, healthy and consistent results when you work with COIT Santa Fe, please don’t hesitate to say something after the service to your technician. 

He or she will uphold our 100% satisfaction guarantee:

  • Reclean 
  • Refund 
  • Repair 
  • Rectify

If your tile and grout isn’t completely free from grease, grime and discoloration when the deep cleaning treatment is finished, let us know so we can reclean it for you. If the recleaning isn’t producing better results, we’ll refund the entire cost of the service.

Should any accidental damage be done while we’re deep cleaning, COIT takes 100% of the responsibility for repairs. And if the item isn’t fixable, we’ll rectify the issue by paying for a replacement item.

Give your tile and grout the deepest clean possible – call COIT Santa Fe at 505-273-7567 today!