Looking for a breath of fresh air in your home? Why not invest in professional cleaning services that not only save you hours of labor intensive cleaning, but make you and your home feel fresh, healthy, clean and revived? That’s where the team at COIT Santa Fe would love to help.

  • Fed up with household spot cleaning that doesn’t really get rid of tough carpet stains? COIT Carpet Cleaning Santa Fe can solve that problem, thanks to our commercial-grade cleaning equipment that removes the toughest stains and extracts stubborn bacteria from deep below the surface.
  • Wondering if the air quality in your home is causing allergic reactions that can be prevented? COIT Air Duct Cleaning Santa Fe can inspect your home’s air ducts and remove allergens, dust and harmful bacteria you’re breathing using a powerful HEPA vacuum.
  • Not in the mood to endlessly scrub your home’s area rugs to get rid of tough stains? COIT Area Rug Cleaning Santa Fe will do the work for you, replacing hand scrubbing with the use of powerful professional equipment that’s designed to lift stains and extract dirt and bacteria that accumulates in high traffic areas.
  • Does looking at your tile and grout make you want to cringe? COIT Tile and Grout Cleaning Santa Fe will turn that frown upside down, as we’ll blast away grease, dirt, stains and discoloration using a high pressure rinse and solution that’s way more effective than endless hours scrubbing by hand.
  • Longing for the days when your couch or chairs were new, plush, clean and comfortable? COIT Upholstery Cleaning Santa Fe can revive and restore dirty and damaged upholstery using an intensive cleaning process that extracts dirt, dust, stains and unpleasant odor in just one cleaning.
  • Have you invested in wood floors that appear dirty, scratched and worn down? COIT Wood Floor Cleaning Santa Fe can breathe new life into your wood floors by executing a 5-step cleaning process that penetrates deep within the floor boards to remove dirt and restore natural shine.

Think it may be time to invest in professional cleaning services that not only offer guaranteed results, but also offer a money-back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied? Give us a call at COIT Santa Fe today to set up an appointment for a free inspection.