Does your kitchen’s tile floor seem to have a waxy buildup that never really gets clean? Is the grout in high traffic areas dingy and discolored?  Is the grout in your bathroom even worse?  If you would like to get rid of mold and mildew stains in the bathroom and discolored, sticky buildup on kitchen floors, COIT Charlotte has the tile and grout cleaning services you have been looking for. Stop spending hours on your hands and knees, scrubbing away for nothing. Why take on the exhausting, tedious task of cleaning tile grout when the cleaning experts at COIT Tile and Grout Cleaning Charlotte are here to clean your home’s bathroom tile and tile floors and make your home sparklingly clean? 

Once you have made an appointment with COIT Tile and Grout Cleaning Charlotte, your tile and grout specialist will arrive promptly to review area to be cleaned and provide you with a written quote.  Next, your tile and grout cleaners will examine the tile to determine the tile type and note any areas that need extra attention. If you are having tile floors cleaned, we will take care of moving furniture. Next, our  tile technician will use COIT’s industrial strength truck mounted vacuums and oscillating brushes to remove surface grime. Then we’ll begin scrubbing of your tile and grout with COIT Charlotte’s effective, yet safe tile and grout cleaners. In addition to our cleaning solutions, COIT Charlotte has a grout cleaning machine that effectively removes dirt, grime, soap scum, and stains from grout lines. Once the tile and grout are completely clean, you have the option of sealing your grout and making it non-pourous with COIT’s ColorSeal treatment. COIT ColorSeal can even re-color your grout in addition to it protecting your grout from future stains. After performing tile and grout cleaning, our customers say that COIT provides the grout cleaning Charlotte residents trust!

Benefits of COIT Charlotte Tile and Grout Cleaning Services

  • Scrubbing tile is tiring nd often ineffective; let COIT do the hard work while you relax. 
  • Save cash! Cleaning grout is much less expensive retiling. 
  • Stop breathing in mold, dust, and mildew that lives in dirty, old grout. 
  • At COIT Charlotte, we outdoors tile too! 

COIT Charlotte is IICRC Recommended for Tile and Grout Cleaning

COIT Charlotte is certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) for tile and grout cleaning and follows the IICRC’s recommendations on proper tile cleaning, so you can be sure your tile and grout will be cleaned correctly. The IICRC is an internationally known third party non-profit organization that works to set high, meaningful standards for home cleaning services. 

COIT Charlotte offers you a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on Tile Cleaning

The friendly cleaners at COIT perform the grout cleaning Charlotte residents count on for restoring cleanliness their tile floors, showers, outdoor tile, and kitchen backsplashes.  At COIT Charlotte, we promise to make your kitchen, bathroom, or floor tile clean and beautiful again. 

  • If you are not satisfied with our tile cleaning, we’ll RE-CLEAN your grout and tile. 
  • Still not impressed? Have a REFUND. 
  • Trust your tile with COIT Charlotte!  We even promise to perform REPAIR services if something breaks or is damaged. 
  • If something goes wrong, COIT Charlotte will RECTIFY the problem with a credit is for present actual cash value* of the damaged item credited to a future COIT Charlotte service. (Upon payment for the original tile and grout cleaning.) 

Call us at 803-548-7862 to schedule your appointment or if you have any questions!


COIT Cleaning and Restoration of Charlotte - Angie's List   IICRC CERTIFIED COIT Cleaning and Restoration of Charlotte  Blue Rating