Are the carpets in your home no longer plush, bright, and clean? If your once lovely carpets have become stained or dingy over the years, its time for a COIT cleaning. COIT has helped many clients that thought their home’s carpets were beyond saving. Don’t rush out to buy new carpet when a COIT carpet cleaning can remove stains, ground in dirt, and make your carpets clean again. There are numerous opportunities for amusement in and around Charlotte.  You’ll be very pleased with how clean we get your carpet at COIT Carpet Cleaning Charlotte

Is your family’s favorite pastime house cleaning, Charlotte?  We’ll guess that your family prefers other activities, but still loves a clean house they can be proud of. Stained carpets have the unfortunate effect of making even the cleanest room look dirty and uncared for.  Don’t waste your time with with clunky, inefficient rental cleaners. At COIT carpet cleaning Charlotte, our team members will give your home’s carpets the deep, thorough clean you desire, without you having to spend hours cleaning. The carpets in your home accumulate much more dirt then you would ever guess.  Without looking visibly dirty, carpets can contain up to one pound grime per square foot. Imagine how much dirt is hiding in your carpets! This hidden dirt is terrible for your home’s air quality; especially someone in your home has respiratory problems or allergies.

The COIT Charlotte Carpet Cleaning steps:

  • First: an inspection.  We’ll check your carpets and note the fabric type, dirt and types of stains. 
  • Next, our careful cleaners will move any furniture in the room where your carpets are being cleaned.  
  • Let the cleaning begin! COIT’s strong truck mounted vacuums will pull the ground in dirt out of your home’s carpets.
  • It’s spot treatment time; we’ll target any stains.
  • Then, COIT Charlotte’s deep cleaning dirt extraction will wash your carpets and get them super clean. Our powerful vacuums suck the moisture out, so they will finish drying quickly. 
  • Our final step is the optional COITGard stain prevention finish.  COIT’s proprietary treatment guards carpet from future stains. 

Why choose COIT Charlotte for carpet cleaning?

  • COIT Charlotte Carpet Cleaners has expert cleaners who know carpet. The combination of our superior knowledge and powerful truck-mounted vacuum systems give your home’s carpets a thorough clean without any damage. COIT has the most experienced carpet cleaners in Charlotte.
  • Regular cleaning help your carpets last longer.  We recommend a carpet cleaning every 6-18 months, depending on your household’s traffic level.
  • No hidden fees, COIT offers free in in home estimates. 
  • COITGard fabric protection can save your carpet from future stains 
  • COIT offers carpet repair services
  • Did your dog or cat make a mess?  We clean pet stains with ease.
  • Clean carpets mean less dust and allergens in your home.

COIT Charlotte is IICRC Certified for Carpet Cleaning

When you have your home’s carpet cleaned by COIT Charlotte, you can have the peace of mind of knowing that we’ll do the job right because we are accredited by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) for carpet cleaning. IICRC is an international organization that sets best practices and procedures for effective carpet cleaning.  

COIT Charlotte Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) accredited for carpet cleaning. 

The COIT 100% Satisfaction Guarantees

COIT provides the highest quality carpet cleaning Charlotte residents choose year after year to maintain clean, stain-free carpet. COIT Cleaning and Restoration has been the carpet cleaning expert since 1950! COIT Charlotte guarantees our customers:

  • COIT Charlotte will RE-CLEAN your carpet if it is unsatisfactory. 
  • Still unsatisfied?  COIT Charlotte will REFUND your money. 
  • Something broke or was damaged? COIT Charlotte will REPAIR it. 
  • Something else goes wrong?  COIT Charlotte will RECTIFY the problem with a credit for the damaged item's present actual cash value* toward a future COIT Charlotte service.  

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