If you try and scrub your furniture yourself, household stain removers don’t get rid of the stain completely, right? That’s where the team at COIT upholstery cleaning Columbus Ohio can lend a hand, along with professional equipment and a powerful cleaning solution.

When you invest in COIT’s furniture cleaning service, your furniture will experience the deepest clean possible. After our technicians conduct a detailed inspection of your upholstery, we’ll design a custom cleaning plan that works best with the material, age and condition of your furniture. 

Once you give us the go ahead to begin work after looking over our cost estimate, we’ll begin extracting surface dirt as well as hidden dirt from your upholstery.

Reasons to Trust the Team at COIT Columbus

  • COIT is a furniture cleaning service that cleans even the most difficult upholstery fabrics covering all types of furniture.
  • Our expert technicians will not only get rid of stains using powerful equipment; we’ll also get rid of any unpleasant odors that may be lurking in your upholstery.
  • After we inspect your furniture to get a feel for its current condition, we’ll design a custom cleaning procedure that will be most effective at removing stains and odor.
  • If you notice pet stains or pet odor coming from your furniture, let us know and we’ll pay special attention to those areas using a powerful cleaning solution.
  • Should you be interested in getting extra protection from future stains, we can apply COITGard, our specially designed and tested fabric protector.
  • If you happen to need some reupholstering work done on any piece of furniture, most of our locations provide this service for you as well

COIT Upholstery Cleaning Columbus Ohio Follows the IICRC

As our technicians are reupholstering or cleaning your furniture, you can feel confident that COIT upholstery cleaners is using the most effective, most trusted professional cleaning techniques. 

We learn these techniques by following the lead of the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). By looking to this well-respected, worldwide organization, COIT technicians know they’re using the most advanced, most effective cleaning equipment and techniques on the market. For decades, COIT has been looking to the IICRC to ensure we’re maximizing your investment by delivering clean and healthy upholstery to our customers.

Work with Upholstery Cleaners that Guarantee Your Satisfaction – 100% of the Time

Your investment in COIT Columbus’ upholstery cleaning service is protected through our 100% satisfaction guarantee. This means that if any part of you is not happy with the upholstery you see following our cleaning, you won’t have to pay for our cleaning treatment.

COIT promises the 4Rs to every single one of our customers:

  • Re-clean – we’ll re-clean any upholstery a second time if you don’t like the way it looks after the first round of cleaning.
  • Refund – after the additional round of cleaning, if your upholstery still doesn’t look spectacular, let us know and we’ll refund the cost of the cleaning service.
  • Repair – if we accidentally cause damage to any of the items you have in your home while we’re cleaning your furniture, we’ll pay for all the repairs.
  • Rectify – should the item not be fixable, we’re happy to rectify the problem by giving you a full cash credit that will let you buy a replacement.

Are you ready to relax on the cleanest, healthiest furniture you can find? Call COIT today.