When you take a deep breath in your home, are you breathing in allergens, invisible dust particles and other contaminants that negatively affect your respiratory health? If you’ve never had your home’s Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) tested, or if it’s been a while since your last professional evaluation, now is a great time to call COIT air duct cleaning Columbus Ohio

COIT is an air duct cleaning company brings a great reputation of superior service into your home. Before we begin any work cleaning your air ducts, we’ll perform a thorough inspection to get a better idea of its current condition. Once we know the IAQ of your home, we can design the best treatment to purify the air you breathe and get rid of invisible debris. 

Reasons to Hire COIT Air Duct Cleaners

  • To get rid of this microscopic debris, we’ll use specialized cleaning procedures to clean your air duct and get rid of hard to reach particles.
  • If you’re looking for a way to lower your monthly energy bills thanks to more efficient HVAC, getting your air duct professionally cleaned every 24 months is recommended.
  • For those with allergies or other respiratory health issues, COIT’s professional air duct treatment can reduce allergens that lurk in your home’s air, making it fresh and clean.
  • If your air duct needs a new filter, we can provide those as well as part of our service.

COIT HVAC Columbus Abides by NADCA Guidelines When We’re in Your Home

When it comes to servicing air ducts the right way, the NADCA leads the pack in determining the best inspection and air duct cleaning procedures. Formed in 1989, this well-regarded organization promote a set of industry best practices to ensure customers like you are getting the quality HVAC services you deserve from professional cleaning companies.

The NADCA is made up of HVAC inspectors, air systems cleaning specialists and mold remediators who are interested in guidance, education and certifications to validate their professional skill sets. 

COIT Columbus is committed to upholding the standards set by the NADCA to properly clean your air ducts using the industry’s best equipment. As standards and technology involves in the HVAC industry, COIT will keep close tabs on the best practices set forth by this well-respected organization.

Experience the 4R Guarantee with COIT’s Dryer Vent Cleaning Services

To be a well-respected organization, you have to earn the trust of your customers. At COIT, we offer this trust right off the bat, with every single service, in the form of a 100% satisfaction guarantee

So what does this promise actually look like in writing?

  • If you’re in any way unhappy with the results of our air duct cleaning inspection and cleaning treatment, please let us know and we’ll re-clean your air ducts at no cost to you.
  • Should the second round of air duct cleaning not meet your expectations, we’ll gladly refund the entire cost of the service.
  • If while we’re cleaning one of our technicians accidentally breaks an item in your home, we will assume full responsibility for all repair work that needs to be done.
  • If repair isn’t an option or it isn’t something you’d want to pursue, let us know and we can give you a cash credit for the item.
Ready to breathe in fresh, clean air in every room in your home? 
Call COIT air duct cleaning Columbus Ohio to schedule an appointment on a day and time that works best for you.