On a Saturday morning, would you rather spend your time enjoying time to yourself or with your family, or would you rather be stuck scrubbing dirty tile and grout? If you chose the latter option, you may want to consider utilizing the cleaning services of COIT tile and grout cleaning Philadelphia.

Using a multi-step cleaning process, our technicians will use a heated solution to break up tough dirt and grime within your grout lines, leaving your tile and grout refreshed and renewed.

Reasons You Should Hire COIT Tile and Grout Cleaning Philadelphia

  • If scrubbing on your hands and knees is not your idea of fun, COIT grout cleaners can do the tough work for you – so you can relax.
  • Using powerful professional equipment, we can eliminate mildew, mold and bacteria that most household cleaners will miss.
  • From your kitchen to your patio to your bathroom, our trained technicians at COIT grout cleaning Philadelphia can deep clean any surface that’s tiled.
  • If you’d rather not have to replace your tile and grout when it’s stained or cracked, COIT’s tile and grout cleaning services can revive and restore damage – a much more cost effective option.
  • And if you want to change the color of your grout lines, COITColorSeal can give you a brand new look that’s not only clean, but can freshen up the look of certain rooms in your home.

COIT Tile Cleaning Philadelphia Follows IICRC Best Practices

Whenever we’re working in any room, on any surface in your home, we follow the instructions outlined by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). This organization’s mission is to “establish and advance globally recognized standards and certifications for the inspection, cleaning, restoration and installation industries.”

For decades, the IICRC has worked with over 6,000 cleaning companies, certifying over 53,000 technicians along the way. At COIT Philadelphia, we keep our eyes on the best practices they set forth to deliver the latest and greatest service for your home’s tile and grout. The IICRC recommends specific ways to successfully eliminate even the most stubborn grime that builds up in your grout lines.

Make an Investment in COIT’s Tile & Grout Services with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

In addition to closely following the guidance of the IICRC, COIT Philadelphia also offers customers a steadfast promise that when we complete your tile and grout cleaning service, you’ll be satisfied with the results. COIT as a company has upheld this promise to customers for more than 64 years, serving customers in various parts of the world.

If you’re curious what exactly this guarantee looks like when put into action, check out these four promises we make to every customer:

  • Our expert technicians will be glad to reclean your tile and grout if the first round results don’t blow you away.
  • If you inspect your tile and grout after the second cleaning and you’re still not happy with how clean it looks, let us know and we’ll issue you a refund for 100% of the total cost.
  • During our tile and grout cleaning service, if something gets accidentally broken by one of our technicians, we will gladly handle all the repairs.
  • And if repair isn’t a good solution, let us know and we’ll rectify the problem by giving you a full cash credit.

So get back to enjoying your free time – instead of spending it deep cleaning! Give COIT Philadelphia a call today at 610-292-8350 to learn more about our tile and grout cleaning services.

We also offer tile and grout cleaning in New Jersey!


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