Have you ever had your drapery and blinds professionally cleaned? If not, you may be leaving invisible dirt, dust, allergens and odor lurking inside your window treatments. With some assistance from COIT drapery and blind cleaning Philadelphia, you can know for sure that your drapery and blinds are as clean as they can possibly be.

Our drapery and blind cleaning service is something we invented. After 64 years of experience treating satisfied customers, we’ve come to know a thing or two about effectively cleaning your window treatments. Using the strongest equipment available, we’ll tackle everything from shutters to blinds to valances and more.

Benefits of Hiring COIT Drapery and BlindCleaning Philadelphia

  • As the largest drapery cleaning company in the world, we offer your window treatments the best treatments that our experience can offer.
  • You won’t have to worry about removing and reinstalling your drapery and blinds, either; with every service, we will be sure to take care of that for you.
  • If you’re looking for even hems, no shrinkage and parallel pleats, COIT’s team will do just that.
  • For repairs and alterations, you can also count on our technicians, as we provide this service in addition to deep cleaning.
  • For homes and businesses, we can also offer flame-proofing services for an extra level of safety.

COIT Will Use Our Famous Drapery Cleaning Process

Whenever we arrive in your home to perform a drapery and blind cleaning service, we’ll rely on our famous, proven-to-be-effective process that we actually invented. 

We’ll start by inspecting any window coverings that need cleaning to get a better idea of the current condition; next, we’ll design a custom cleaning plan that will remove the most dirt, dust and allergens. When we actually begin work, we’ll remove your window treatments so we can properly clean them. And not to worry – we’ll reinstall them when the treatment is complete.

Rest Assured You’re Getting the Best Service with COIT’s 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Now that you know more about what you can expect from each drapery and blind cleaning cleaning service, let’s dive deeper into what makes COIT different than other professional cleaning companies in Philadelphia. COIT offers 100% satisfaction guarantee

The 4 R’s: Reclean, Refund, Repair and Rectify 

  • If your drapes and blinds aren’t sparkling when we’re finished with our cleaning, let us know so we can reclean them right away.
  • If the second round of cleaning isn’t what you expected either, we’d be happy to refund the cost our services entirely.
  • If by chance one of our technicians accidentally causes damage to an item in your home, we are 100% committed to repairing the item at no cost to you.
  • And lastly, if repair isn’t something you’d like to pursue, let us know and we’ll rectify the situation by giving you an equivalent cash credit.

Ready to say goodbye to dirt, dust and stains that’s hiding within your home’s drapery and blinds? Give COIT Philadelphia a call today at 610-292-8350 to schedule an appointment with one of our expert technicians.

We also offer drapery and blind cleaning in New Jersey!


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