Water Extraction and De Flooding

When you’re standing in ankle-deep water or your carpet is floating, you want de-flooding to begin as soon as possible. COIT’s water extraction and de-flooding services are available to remove water quickly and safely so that you can get back to normal.

Water Extraction

We will begin by extracting water using our powerful, truck-mounted systems. In the case of deep standing water, we will place specialized pumps to remove water in bulk. High-powered, submersible pumps allow us to pump out water on a continuous basis.

Carpet and Sub-Floor Drying

If the carpet or padding has been affected, we may need to lift the carpet or padding to either be dried separately, or to be discarded.

Then, if water has penetrated to the subfloor, we will continue water extraction there, and institute drying procedures for the subfloor using dehumidifiers and air movers. Then technicians will inspect your property for any additional structural damage.


Even after the bulk of the water is extracted, your home or business may suffer from elevated humidity levels which can cause secondary water damage to contents and structures. Our technicians are experts in efficient dehumidification.

Afterwards, in the event that your carpet is salvageable, we will clean and reinstall it.