Document Restoration and Recovery Services

As delicate as they are, documents can be extraordinarily important. There are official documents such as birth certificates, marriage licenses, leases, and insurance documentation. But there are also the emotionally rich archives like letters, cards, drawings, and photos. After a major event like a fire or flood, you deserve a document restoration and preservation service that can recover your papers and mitigate damage as much as possible.

COIT’s document restoration services offer the most effective techniques in document drying and restoration. We first perform an inventory of the documents to ensure that all items are properly tracked and retained through the document restoration process. Documents are then packed and moved to our secure facility 

Document Drying for Water Damage

When water damage happens, wet documents are packed and moved to our facility, where they are flash frozen. The flash freezing process stops paper degradation, ink degradation, and mold growth, so that no further damage takes place. Then, documents are transported to a freeze dryer.  This process involves applying intense vacuum pressure to sublimate the ice to vapor (skipping over the damaging liquid phase).

Document Restoration for Smoke Damage

When fire damage happens, smoke-damaged documents are cleaned using a HEPA vacuum and chem sponge. The documents are then spread on drying racks in a hydroxyl room for up to three days to remove smoke odors. Hydroxyl is a safe, effective compound that occurs naturally in Earth’s atmosphere and can remove soot, grease, odors, and other contaminants from objects and air. After deodorization, documents are repacked in new boxes and delivered back to you.