Smoke Damage Clean Up and Structural Cleaning Services

Smoke damage clean-up after a fire can be a challenge to tackle on your own: fire damage, soot stains, noxious odors, and even water damage. COIT’s IICRC-certified* Fire and Smoke Restoration Technicians are trained to follow industry-standard procedures for structural cleaning after smoke.

Initial Cleaning

We will first use a HEPA vacuum to remove loose particulates. Then, we will emergency clean glass and metal to stop any etching or corrosion from the acidic residues left by fire.

(If your home or business incurred water damage due to broken pipes or fire department efforts, our technicians will begin water extraction and dehumidification procedures.)

Smoke Smell Removal

For odor control, we will set up hydroxyl generators to facilitate smoke smell removal. Hydroxyl generators produce the effective and environmentally safe hydroxyl compound to neutralize odors and remove contaminants in the air.

For furniture, decor, electronics, and other contents that have suffered smoke damage or smoke smell, we offer content restoration services.

Smoke Damage Clean-up

Floors will be protected using masking so that soot is not ground in by foot traffic. We will then begin cleaning by sponging walls, ceilings, and any other surfaces that will be saved and not re-painted.  Surfaces that are durable or that will be re-painted will be damp wiped and cleaned with cleaners specially formulated for each surface. Floors will then be cleaned according to the kind of flooring: carpet, wood floor, tile, natural stone, etc.

* Most COIT locations are fully certified and use many of these tools, there are a few exceptions, but in those cases, industry-standard practices are employed.