Business Equipment Restoration

As a business that owns and utilizes specialized equipment itself, COIT knows how vital and expensive such equipment can be. Everything slows to a stop without that critical equipment. From computers to copiers to industry-specific machines, our business equipment restoration process is applicable to almost all kinds of equipment.

The Business Equipment Restoration Process

For smoke-damaged equipment, we will begin by cleaning the outsides of the equipment using a HEPA vacuum and damp wiping. HEPA vacuums utilize high-efficiency filters which can remove even tiny particles of soot, dirt, and other contaminants. Be aware that, if the plastic is discolored, we cannot typically restore it to its original color. 

The inside of the equipment is then cleaned as much as possible using the HEPA vacuum and careful damp wiping. In the case of lingering odors, the equipment is placed in a hydroxyl chamber to remove odors. Hydroxyl is a naturally occurring compound in the Earth’s atmosphere which oxidizes organic molecules to neutralize odors.

Lastly, in the case of computer restoration, we have a computer or copier expert check the safety and functionality of the equipment.