Emergency Restoration Services Santa Rosa: Water Damage Restoration 

From camping to kayaking to swimming and tubing, Santa Rosa is a great place to get outside and enjoy the water. But there's one place you most definitely won't enjoy the water - in your home! If you come home to water damage, you have somewhere to turn. COIT water damage restoration Santa Rosa offers you a team full of experts to take the lead and perform emergency water response removal, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Not only will we dry your home and the items in it using professional equipment, we'll also help solve any mold problems to keep you safe.

It's also important to keep you safe in the event that your home experiences a fire. 

Fire Damage Restoration Santa Rosa

The dedicated team of professional technicians at COIT fire damage restoration Santa Rosa can do just that. We're committed to helping you return to a safe and secure home following this type of tragic event. Our services include smoke odor removal, furniture refinishing, area rug cleaning, structural cleaning and more, depending on your needs. If important items were damaged, we also offer rush jobs to help you and your home recover.

Though structural damage may be visible, invisible mold contamination in your home is just as dangerous when left untreated.

Mold Remediation Santa Rosa

Whether you have mold in your home or you're not 100% sure, we can help. COIT mold remediation Santa Rosa technicians will perform a thorough inspection to see if you're breathing in any harmful contaminants. If necesssary, our team will then tackle the problem at its source using specialized equipment that's designed to remove mold, with guaranteed results. We'll also take before and after photographs for your records.

We also offer 24hr emergency restoration services in Rohnert Park and Petaluma.

Clean Like a Dream

The technician took my concerns into consideration and delivered a superior job. I have never been so happy with a purchase of services of any kind. Thank you!

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Date published: 12/08/2016
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