Water Damage Restoration

There’s plenty of water to explore in the Bay Area, and it’s always nice to sit beside and enjoy.  But if water snuck into your home and flooded or damaged your property, you should call COIT Water Damage San Jose.  Our water damage services are guaranteed to extract the moisture and any excess water from your interior space safely and effectively.  Our trained technicians offer 24-hour emergency water damage services and use specialized, state of the art technology to get the job done right the first time.  We are able to handle the most difficult and challenging water damage situations, and available to you around the clock.  We will safely dry, disinfect, and deodorize the affected areas, and prevent any possible secondary damage to your property.  Our restoration services offer rush jobs on important items as well.  What’s valuable to you is valuable to us, and your satisfaction is our guarantee.

Fire Damage Restoration

A fire is always unexpected and a major interruption to one’s life.  If a fire has damaged your property, you’ll need the services of COIT Fire Damage Restoration San Jose.  Our fire damage services are a reliable accommodation to restore your property back to its original state.  We provide rush jobs to accommodate any important items that you might need right away, and we also provide a thorough, interior and structural cleaning of your property. Our ozone cleaning treatment will rid your air of smoke, odor, and other harmful contaminants that are by-products of a fire.  Don’t let those dangerous pollutants linger any longer!  Our experienced contractors are here for you!  We also provide repairs to the structure of your property and remove moisture from the air as quickly and safely as possible.  When a tragedy as severe as a fire occurs, rely on Fire Damage Restoration San Jose.  We guarantee satisfaction with our work. 

Mold Remediation

No one wants to deal with unexpected mold growth.  It is both frightening and dangerous.  Mold growth can occur from condensation, water damage, and unseen leaks among other situations.  It negatively impacts our health and can be responsible for allergies and asthmatic conditions.  Mold spores will multiply under their current conditions if not changed.  They should be properly removed to ensure healthier living and breathing conditions for you and your family and prevent future growth. COIT Mold Remediation San Jose guarantees to free your home or office building of mold, and supply you with safer air to breathe.  Our mold remediation services and procedures always follow the IICRC S-520 standards and EPA guidelines, giving you the safest possible clean.  Using HEPA systems to filter and extract moisture, we will also wash all of the surfaces affected.  Our team of qualified mold specialists strives to find the solution for any mold growth problems by going to its root. 

On Time, Fast, Friendly

On time, fast, friendly.

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Date published: 01/27/2016
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