When was the last time you gave your upholstery a really deep clean? If you can’t remember, it may be time to consider giving it a professional refresh. 

By investing in a professional furniture cleaning service like COIT upholstery cleaning Omaha, you can not only make your upholstery look cleaner and newer; you’ll actually be improving your health.

When you sit on upholstery that has accumulated dirt, dust and allergens, you actually breathe those contaminants in, day after day. When you invest in professional cleaning, you can get rid of those allergens and purify the air you breathe. What’s not to love?

What are the Benefits of Hiring COIT Upholstery Cleaners? 

  • Our technicians are trained to treat all kinds of upholstery – even difficult fabrics that may require extra attention.

  • We’ll get rid of any odor that may have built up within the material, while also removing visible stains.

  • Depending on the type of fabric, we’ll choose the most effective cleaning method.

  • When it comes to cleaning up after dogs, cats and other pets, our technicians have the knowledge and experience to get the job done properly so your furniture smells clean and fresh.

  • Our technicians can apply COITGard fabric protector to form a protective layer against future stains.

  • If your furniture needs reupholstering, we can also provide this service in most of our locations.

COIT Upholstery Cleaners Follows IICRC Best Practices

When you work with the team at COIT Omaha, you can rest assured that your furniture will look better and feel better than it did prior to the cleaning. Each of our technicians follows the best practices outlines by the IICRC, or the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification. This organization serves as a model for professional cleaning companies, outlining the most effective ways to clean all kinds of upholstery, regardless of the material. 

When you work with a company like COIT, you can feel confident that our technicians are well trained to execute the latest and greatest upholstery cleaning techniques that will leave you with the best results.

Experience a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee with COIT Upholstery Cleaning Omaha

Speaking of results, the team at COIT furniture cleaning service offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee that you will get the results you want – period. At the end of your upholstery cleaning appointment, if you look at your furniture and you don’t like what you see, let us know! We want your feedback, and we want it right away.

Should you have any issues at all with the results of your furniture cleaning, our team in Omaha commits to upholding the following promises:

  • Reclean – if you don’t like the way your furniture looks or feels when we’re finished cleaning it, simply let us know and we’d be happy to perform another round of cleaning right away.

  • Refund – if this second round isn’t what you imagined, no problem – we’ll issue you a refund for our services.

  • Repair – if by chance one of our technicians accidentally breaks something, we’ll take care of the repairs.

  • Rectify – if the damaged item can’t be repaired, we’ll fix the situation by giving you an equivalent cash credit that can pay for a replacement item.

So there you have it – a few solid reasons to give the team at COIT upholstery cleaning Omaha a shot. Your upholstery (and the air you breathe) will thank you!