Do you miss the days when your tile and grout used to sparkle? Those days can return!

With a little help from COIT tile and grout cleaning Reno, your tile and grout can get an extreme makeover that restores its original shine. 

So what can you expect from a typical COIT tile and grout cleaning appointment? First, our technicians will perform an in depth inspection of your tile and grout. By doing so, we can assess its current condition and choose which treatment will be most effective. Next, we’ll provide you with a free written estimate that paints a clear picture of what you’ll be getting and how much it costs. As soon as you approve the quote, we’ll begin using commercial-grade equipment – along with a powerful heated solution – to break up tough stains and extract ground in dirt.

We can also apply COITColor Seal to your grout lines as a part of our service. Our technicians can apply this specialized solution to your grout to restore the original color in your kitchen, on your floors – basically anywhere tile and grout exists in your home.

As a result, your grout will become 100% non-porous, meaning dirt, bacteria and pesky stains won’t show. We’ll even give you a 10-year guarantee that it won’t peel, chip or flake over time.

Benefits of Working with COIT Tile and Grout Cleaning Reno

  • COIT grout cleaners will help you say goodbye to endlessly scrubbing stubborn grout lines yourself!
  • We’ll use powerful equipment to get rid of mildew, mold and bacteria that contaminate your grout lines.
  • Our technicians are trained to work on any sort of tiled surface, whether it’s your patio, your kitchen or your bathroom – we’re equipped to treat all of these areas.
  • By having COIT periodically clean your grout lines, your tile and grout will last longer so you don’t have to spend money replacing it.
  • COITColorSeal will help restore your grout’s original color – or if you want to change the color completely, we can do that, too.

Our Tile & Grout Technicians Are IICRC Certified

Here’s an additional benefit to selecting COIT for your tile and grout cleaning – our technicians are trained and certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC).

So what does this mean to you? It means your tile and grout will be treated using the industry’s best technology, following the industry’s tried and tested best practices. This organization is the authority on professional residential cleaning and acts as a guide that cleaning companies can follow to deliver the best service possible. 

At COIT, we believe in investing time and money into helping our technicians master their craft; by putting technicians through the IICRC’s official training and certification program, each technician earns an important badge of credibility that you can trust.

Why Should You Invest in COIT Tile Restoration Reno?

The team that serves customers at COIT grout cleaning Reno not only offers you credibility; we’ll also offer you a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

This means we commit to the following promises with every customer:

  • Re-clean – if your tile and grout isn’t totally revived, renewed and stain-free following our cleaning, we will re-clean it for you right away, free of charge.
  • Refund – if you’re still not happy with how your tile and grout looks, let us know and we’ll issue you a full refund.
  • Repair – if we break anything by accident, we’ll take care of getting it repaired for you.
  • Rectify – should the item be too difficult or impossible to fix, we’ll provide you with a cash credit that’s equal to the value of the item.

Ready to bring back that sparkling tile and grout from the good old days? Give COIT Reno a call today to get a free written estimate.

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