Emergency Restoration Services Colorado Springs: Water Damage Restoration  

From intense rainstorms to sudden flooding, burst pipes and leaking water heaters, water damage can have many different causes. Even  fires often cause water damage because the fire department will use large quantities of water to put out the fire. In addition to ruining cabinetry, drywall, electronics, and valued furnishings, water damage can also lead to hazardous mold growth.  Once your home has experienced serious flooding, it is critical to begin the drying process within 48 hours, if possible.  COIT Water Damage Restoration Colorado Springs is here with the restoration expertise services if your home suffers flooding. We offer 24-hour emergency services to remove water from your home, dry out it out, and prevent secondary damage such as a hazardous mold infestation.  COIT Colorado Springs has the specialized tools and equipment to get the water damage restoration job correctly.

Although flooding and water damage will always be a stressful, unwelcome event, it is possible to reduce damage and prevent mold infestation if you act quickly to dry your home out.

Emergency Restoration Services Colorado Springs: Fire Damage Restoration  

When your have had a fire in your home, COIT Fire Damage Restoration Colorado Springs is a reliable resource you can turn to for help getting your life back to normal by saving and restoring your possessions and home.  Even if you home is not significantly damaged by the fire, smoke from house fires contains toxins and acids that eat away at metals and electronics.  It is critical to act quickly after a fire if you want to save your electronics, furniture, and clothing from ruin. COIT Colorado Springs accommodates rush jobs, and offers area rug cleaning, structural cleaning, and furniture refinishing. Our team can remove lingering smoke odors with ozone treatments. 

Emergency Restoration Services Colorado Springs: Mold Remediation

Mold grows quickly in damp areas and is very hazardous to your health.  If your home has had any hidden pipe leaks, leaks dishwashers or water heaters, or flooding, you should have it examined for mold. The team members at COIT Mold Restoration Colorado Springs are expertly trained technicians who specialize in removing mold contamination from homes. Our technicians will use a HEPA vacuum to treat each surface in your home such as walls, floors, and furnishings to remove mold contaminants and get your home safe and clean again. COIT Colorado Springs follows the procedures and guidelines of the Standard Reference Guide for Professional Mold Remediation to ensure the best mold remediation possible to protect the safety of your home and family members.

We also offer emergency restoration services in Denver and Fort Collins

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