Everyone knows that COIT Denver is the carpet cleaning expert, but we are also master upholstery cleaners. Upholstered items like couches, love seats, and armchairs are intended to last for years.  When upholstered furniture is cared for properly, it will last for decades.   But that does not mean you have to live with furniture protectors on at all times! What is the point of you cannot curl up with a cup of coffee and a magazine, watch a family movie while enjoying ice cream, and cuddle up with your pet.  You can enjoy these activities on your furniture and still have a beautiful, clean sofa that you don't have to be embarrassed about when company comes over. 

COIT Denver’s Furniture Cleaning Process

 When you call, we’ll schedule a time to come inspect your furniture, and show up promptly for your upholstery cleaning appointment. When inspecting your sofa or other upholstered furniture, we’ll determine the fabric type, style, and soil level.  We’ll also inspect your upholstered furniture thoroughly for any spots or stains.  We’ll give you an exact quote so you know the cost before we begin any work.  If it works for you, we can likely clean your furniture the same day! COIT upholstery cleaners Denver will use the same highly efficient hot-water extraction cleaning method we use on carpets to thoroughly clean your furniture.  Do you have stains on your sofa?  Don’t let that trouble you! Coffee, peanut butter, soda, or wine- no matter what type of spill, we have targeted stain-removing techniques.

Benefits of getting your upholstery professionally cleaned by COIT Denver:

  • COIT Denver technicians are experts at cleaning difficult fabrics
  • Upholstery cleaning gets rid of stains and odors in your upholstered furniture
  • Our team members will target the cleaning method to suit your furniture’s fabric
  • We’re very good at removing at pet stains and odors
  • We’ll protect your furniture from future damage with COITGard. COITGard is a premium fabric protector 
  • COIT Denver even provides re-upholstery service! 

Upholstered furniture lasts longer when it gets professionally cleaned on a regular basis. It also more sanitary, and holds less allergen like dirt, dander, dust mites, and pollen. COIT Denver provides customized furniture cleaning; our technicians are experts at cleaning challenging and rare fabrics. We always customize the cleaning to suit your unique furniture. Whether your sofa is suede, microfiber, wool, twill, velvet, polyester, natural, or synthetic, we are the experts at identifying fabric and creating a targeted cleaning plan. We’ll remove stains and unpleasant odors so that your furniture is fresh and clean. Is your upholstery overwhelmed with built up pet hair, dander, or stains?  COIT Denver technicians are experts at getting rid of pet stains and odors.

After we have thoroughly cleaned your upholstered furniture, let our technicians help you keep it clean!  When COIT Denver treats your upholstered furniture with COITGard fabric protector, it provides a layer of protection that can help defend against future stains.  COITGard makes it easier to cleanup spills and helps guard against a spill from becoming a permanent stain.

Do you think the fabric on your furniture is past saving? Does a favorite couch, loveseat, ottoman, or chair have physical damage?  COIT Denver can re-upholster your furniture and do upholstery repair too! 

COIT Denver is IICRC Certified for Upholstery Cleaning

COIT Upholstery Cleaners Denver always follows the IICRC methods for upholstery cleaning and is an IICRC accredited company.  The IICRC is an independent, third party, accrediting organization that works to create standards and best practices on cleaning and restoration services worldwide.

Why choose COIT Denver Upholstery Cleaners?

At COIT upholstery cleaning Denver, we have a wealth of experience in home services.  COIT has been in business for over 64 years; we are the industry’s upholstery cleaning and restoration experts.  Our goal is to give you the best upholstery cleaning possible at a fair price.  We are so confident in our excellent upholstery services that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee:  

You’ll always be satisfied with our service or we’ll follow these steps to make it right:

  • RE-CLEANING the upholstered furniture.  If you are not satisfied after the second furniture cleaning, COIT Denver will…
  • REFUND the money you originally paid for the upholstery work.  If our team members caused any damage while cleaning the upholstery, COIT Denver will…
  • REPAIR the damage.  No cost to you.  If the damage to the upholstered furniture cannot be repaired, COIT will…
  • RECTIFY the situation by crediting you with the furniture present actual cash value* toward a future COIT Denver cleaning or restoration service upon payment for the original upholstery cleaning services.

We also offer upholstery cleaning services in Colorado Springs and Fort Collins

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