When you look at your area rugs, do you see stains and dust that’s built up over time? If so, a regular household vacuum and some spot cleaner may not do the trick. 

To really deep clean your area rugs and produce visible results, investing in the professional services of Coit area rug cleaning Jacksonville is a wise choice. 

When you invest in Coit’s services, your area rugs will benefit from being treated with powerful professional equipment that digs deep below the surface to extract hidden bacteria. While a vacuum can reach surface dirt, there’s no substitute for a proper professional cleaning.

Benefits of Investing in Coit Area Rug Cleaning Jacksonville

  • When Coit area rug cleaners come into your home, we’ll start by doing a thorough inspection of your area rugs; we’re also happy to offer pickup and delivery services for rugs that can’t be cleaned inside your home.
  • Based on the specific type of fibers and dyes within your area rugs, we’ll design a custom cleaning treatment that produces the best results.
  • If your area rugs have pet stains and odors lurking within the fibers, we’ll use professional equipment to get rid of them.
  • Should you be worried about future stains occurring, we’ll apply COITGard™ fabric protector to act as a type of shield.
  • At most of our locations, we also offer our customers re-padding and re-fringing services.

Coit Area Rug Cleaners Follow IICRC Best Practices

Whenever we’re re-padding, re-fringing or cleaning area rugs, each and every Coit Jacksonville technician follows a set of best practices laid forth by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). 

So what does this organization do for professional cleaning companies and how does this benefit you? The IICRC paves a path for cleaning companies around the world when it comes to executing the tried and true best practices. They lead professional cleaning companies by offering guided training and certification programs that help technicians improve their skills. 

At Coit Jacksonville, our technicians follow the process outlined by the IICRC whenever we’re cleaning your area rugs. This means we’ll be using the most efficient equipment as well as the most efficient procedures to ensure you get the results you pay for, every time.

Experience the 4 R’s When you Work with Coit Area Rugs Jacksonville

When you invest money in Coit rug cleaning Jacksonville, we don’t just say that you’ll get what you pay for – we back it up through our 100% satisfaction guarantee with every service.

Here’s what this guarantee looks like:

  • Re-clean – not happy with how your area rugs look after the first cleaning? No problem. Be sure to let us know so we can re-clean them for you right away, at no extra cost to you.
  • Refund – if you’re not thrilled with the second round of cleaning, be sure to tell us. We’ll issue you a full refund to prove how important your satisfaction is to us.
  • Repair – should anything be accidentally damaged or broken while we clean your area rugs, we take full responsibility for 100% of the repair costs.
  • Rectify – if you don’t want to repair the item or repair isn’t possible, we’ll rectify the situation by giving you a full cash credit that you can use to buy a replacement.

If you’re ready for clean, healthy area rugs, take your household cleaning and vacuuming to the next level. Give Coit Jacksonville a call today to learn more about our services.

COIT also serves Orange ParkAmelia Island Residents! 

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