We depend on our home’s window treatments to: give us privacy, let us sleep by blocking light, keep us warm by providing insulation, and preventing rugs and upholstery from fading.  They also enhance a home’s style, whether it is elegant, traditional, whimsical or modern. Whether your home has blinds, shades, drapes, curtains, blinds, venetian blinds or another window treatment type, we clean them all because they will all eventual get dirty.


When curtains, shades and blinds accumulate allergens like dirt, dust mites, pollen, dander, and smoke it is bad for the air quality of your home.  No one should be breathing that mess!  Regular cleaning is not only healthy; it keeps them looking their best.

What are the Advantages of COIT Lexington’s Drapery and Blind Cleaning Services?

  • FREE PICKUP!  Don’t worry about driving, the COIT Lexington service includes free pickup and returns 
  • Professional removal and re-installation. Don’t stress about climbing up on ladders because the COIT Lexington technicians will take care of it safely
  • Improved air quality in your home when we get rid of the allergens in your drapes or blinds
  • Protection from fire: COIT Lexington has optional flame retardant treatments
  • We guarantee your curtains will not shrink, and they will be returned with even pleats and hems
  • Need alterations or repairs? COIT Lexington can do them when we perform your cleaning

Are you concerned that your drapes or drapes are too delicate to clean?  COIT Lexington’s exclusive window treatment cleaning process is both gentle and incredibly effective at removing dirt and grime.  COIT Lexington technicians provide drapery cleaning Lexington residents count on to maintain their beautiful window treatments.  COIT Lexington works with some of the world’s best fabrics including linen, velvet, satin, twills, and silk as well as more common fabrics like polyester and cotton. We’ll clean most finicky fabrics.  COIT Lexington technicians will make sure your drapes have even pleating and hems. 

Are your shades or blinds looking dusty? From Roman shades to Venetian blinds, COIT Lexington team members are experts at cleaning all different sorts of blinds and shades including honeycomb shades, linen shades, plantation shudders, rolling shades and wooden blinds.

With our care, drapes and blinds looking lovely in you Lexington home for decades!

Why choose COIT Lexington Drapery and Blind Cleaning? 

COIT Drapery Cleaning Lexington has customer service standards and provides the drapery and blind cleaning Lexington residents can depend on. 

Need reassurance? COIT Lexington offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee

  • We guarantee that you’ll be thrilled with your clean window treatments.  If not, we’ll be RE-CLEANING those blinds or curtains for you!
  • Did our second blind or drapery cleaning, not do the trick? COIT Lexington will REFUND the money if you are not satisfied with the second cleaning.  
  • We guarantee not to cause any damage, but if anything unfortunate happens, COIT Lexington will REPAIR the damaged blinds or drapes. 
  • If we cannot repair something, our next step will be to give you a credit for another COIT Lexington service to RECTIFY the issue.  The credit for the present actual cash value* of the blinds or curtains will be given when the original window treatment service is paid for.

COIT Lexington is proud to provide blind and drapery cleaning Lexington loves.

We also offer drapery and blind cleaning in Elizabethtown and Louisville!

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