There are numerous opportunities for amusement in and around Lexington.  While you might want to walk, hike, hunt, or fish, you don’t want the dirt to end up on your carpet. Carpets fibers are vulnerable to built up stains and dirt tracked in home, especially if you have children or pets running in and out of the house.  The rest of the home can be spotlessly clean, but if the carpet seems dirty, the whole home appears dirty. Carpet cleanliness is important because carpet is not just for feet.   Most people at least occasionally watch movies on the carpet or play with their pets. If you have children, they likely spend a great deal of time on the floor.  Everyone desires to have a clean and tidy home where you can relax in comfort.

Does your family enjoy house cleaning, Lexington?  Perhaps cleaning is not a favorite activity, but everyone wants to have a clean carpet.  At COIT carpet cleaning Lexington, our team members are excellent at getting carpets spotlessly clean  without you having to do anything. Compare that to working away with those bulky rental machines that don’t even do a great job cleaning carpets.  

COIT Lexington Carpet Cleaning steps: inspection of your home’s carpet, removal of any furniture, vacuuming, spot treatment and eradication, cleaning the carpet to extract dirt.  Finally, we’ll apply COITGard - our proprietary stain prevention treatment and look over the work with you to ensure your carpet is perfectly clean.

What are the benefits of having your carpet cleaned by COIT Lexington?

  • Amateur cleanings cannot compete! COIT Lexington uses a truck-mounted system to eradicate dirt, contaminants, and stains.
  • Having carpet cleanings done every 6-18 months will protect your carpet and extend it’s life by removing dirt and debris that wears away at carpet fibers.  
  • Straightforward pricing and with no hidden fees from our honest technicians.  COIT Lexington always gives you free written in-home estimate in writing. 
  • Your home’s carpeting will be protected from spots and stains with the COITGard fabric treatment system 
  • COIT Lexington even does carpet repair if you have rips or tears in your home’s carpet

Dust and dirt get deposited in your carpet, even when carpet looks perfectly clean. A square foot of carpeting can contain up to a pound of dander, pollen, and plain dirt, without looking dirty! When a carpet holds that much dirt, it negatively impacts the air quality of your house because allergens like pollen, dust mites, dust and dander are released when you walk on the carpet. COIT Lexington expert carpet cleanings will get rid of dirt and allergens and leave your carpet fresh and clean.  If you have stains in your carpet, including pet stains, don’t fret!  Our technicians are skilled at removing all kinds of stains.  To prolong the life of your home’s carpets, COIT Lexington recommends professionally cleaning carpets every 6-12 months, depending on how many people live in your household and the traffic level. Once you try our services, you’ll agree that we are the best carpet cleaners in Lexington.

COIT Lexington Follows the IICRC Methods for Carpet Cleaning

COIT Lexington closely follows the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) standards and policies for carpet cleaning. IICRC is a non-profit, independent, certifying organization that sets best practices on carpet cleaning services all over the world.  

Why Choose COIT Lexington?

We provide the highest quality customer service experience and provide the carpet cleaning Lexington residents love to keep their homes clean. COIT Cleaning and Restoration has been in business for since 1950; we know carpet cleaning! After our carpet cleaning your home will have clean, fluffy, and stain-free flooring once again. Our goal is for you to be 100% happy with our services, so COIT Lexington offers a satisfaction guarantee. 

COIT Lexington carpet cleaning will follow these steps if you are unhappy with our carpet cleaning services: 

  • RE-CLEAN your home’s carpeting if you are no pleased with the first cleaning.  If the second carpet cleaning does not bring your carpet up to your standards COIT Lexington will…
  • REFUND your money.  You won’t pay for an unsatisfactory service. Our team is always careful, but if any harm came to your possessions during the cleaning, COIT Lexington will...
  • REPAIR whatever was damaged or broken. In the unlikely event that something cannot be fixed, COIT Lexington will...
  • RECTIFY the situation.  We’ll crediting you with the damaged item's present actual cash value* toward a future COIT Lexington service upon receiving payment for the first cleaning.

* As determined by customary industry standards.

We also offer carpet cleaning in Louisville and Elizabethtown!

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