Tired of walking around barefoot on carpets that aren’t completely clean? If so, consider calling the team at COIT carpet cleaning Albuquerque. With over 60 years of experience working with satisfied customers, we have the equipment and experience to completely revive and restore carpet fibers.

So what can you expect from COIT Albuquerque carpet cleaning? Nothing but results. If you’re not satisfied with how your carpet looks when we’re finished, simply let us know so we can offer you a second round of cleaning, or a full refund. 

COIT Albuquerque Carpet Cleaners: Here’s What We’ll Offer You

  • The team at COIT will use a powerful system that’s truck mounted to get rid of visible stains, as well as invisible bacteria and dirt that’s hidden below the surface.
  • With every single service, before we begin, we’ll do an inspection and provide a free written cost estimate so you can make sure our service is within your budget.
  • By investing in professional carpet cleaning every 6 to 12 months, you will most definitely help your carpet stay in better condition for a longer amount of time.
  • When it comes to treating pet stains that your dog or cat leaves behind, not to worry – we know exactly how to use our equipment to get rid of those, along with any accompanying odors.
  • To protect against future stains that can occur between professional cleanings, we’ll apply COITGard, a strong shield that creates a type of barrier.
  • If you need your carpets repaired, let us know so we can tell you more about our specialty repair services.

COIT Carpet Cleaning Albuquerque Follows IICRC Guidelines

Whenever you hire the team at COIT Albuquerque to clean your carpets, you can be sure that we’re not only going to deliver superior results; we’ll also achieve those results through cleaning your carpets the right way. 

This right way is outlined in great detail by an organization called the IICRC – the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification. This well-respected, international non-profit acts as a leader that the best professional cleaning companies follow to ensure they’re maintaining excellent standards while working in customers’ homes.

Expect Results Every Time with Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

While working in your home, you can sit back and relax, knowing that each service comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee – in writing! 

COIT house cleaning services Albuquerque provides all services with this guarantee in mind: if you’re not satisfied with the results, it’s simple: you don’t pay!

We guarantee to uphold the 4 Rs:

  • Reclean – if your carpets aren’t dazzling after we clean them, please let us know so we can reclean them for you right away, at no extra charge.
  • Refund – should the additional round of carpet cleaning not leave you happy with the results, we’ll go ahead and refund the entire cost of the service.
  • Repair – if any items in your home are accidentally damaged during our service, we’ll take care of the repairs.
  • Rectify – and if repair isn’t possible, we’ll rectify the issue by giving you a cash credit that’s equal to the damaged item’s value.

Give COIT Albuquerque a call today to give your carpets a fresh start so they look better and last longer! Call us at 505-332-2648!