Why We Are Unique

Hi, my name is Neil King and I'm the owner of COIT Cleaning of Albuquerque. I realize there are many options to choose from in this industry, and when you look for a carpet or tile cleaner you will find many different promises being made at different price points from many companies. 

We are an owner operated business-- no employees with little vested interest in your satisfaction.

Since we are owner operated, we are able to invest in top of the line equipment that other companies cannot invest in due to the risk of it being damaged by employees. One of the secrets of this industry is that most companies spend a majority of their budgets on advertising, with equipment and wages making up a minority share of their expenses. I am not trying to create the image of a quality job, I am creating the reality of it.

A multi step cleaning process. Grout lines are agitated and extracted with high pressure hot water. Carpets are thoroughly pretreated and rinsed of all residues using our 4 Step Cleaning Process.

No hidden charges, EVER.

When you invite a service company into your home, you should expect nothing less than the best. If you have any questions about carpet, tile, or upholstery cleaning, please don't hesitate to call me at 505-832-3116. I’ll be happy to help you in every way.