Water Damage Restoration

 What do you do if you’re suddenly faced with water damage anywhere in your home in the form of leaks or flooding? With a small amount of water, it may be easy to handle the situation yourself with some towels, but how do you handle a more serious situation when you least expect it? Call COIT water damage Salt Lake City.

Our team of expert technicians will arrive and immediately create a customized drying plan. We’ll then use heavy duty drying equipment to not only get rid of any standing water, but also dry structural elements and carpets, clean and dry air ducts and do whatever we can to prevent any mold growth as quickly as possible.If mold growth does occur as a result of water damage, or if you simply want to make sure no mold exists in your home, we also offer another team of specialists who are trained to help.

Mold Removal and Remediation

You can count on COIT mold remediation Salt Lake City to thoroughly inspect your home and remove any toxic mold, if necessary. It’s extremely important to act quickly if you have any reason to believe mold may be present, as ignoring it has detrimental effects on your health. 

If you do call on COIT Salt Lake City’s expertise, we’ll remove mold using a High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) vacuum. Our team of technicians will follow Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidelines when we vacuum all affected surfaces, washing them with detergent and sanding all visible contamination to leave your home – and your health – in the best condition possible.We’ll also leave your home in the best condition possible should you call on COIT Salt Lake City to help with fire damage restoration.

Fire Damage Restoration

The COIT fire damage restoration Salt Lake City team specializes in offering professional restoration help you when you need it most. If you’re dealing with the effects of a fire in your home, we’ll use a combination of hands-on restoration experience and specialized tools and equipment to get you back on track quickly and safely.

We’ll carefully inspect the damage, pack-out items that need to be dry cleaned, including clothing, shoes, rugs or other décor items. If smoke odor is an issue, we’ll bring in equipment that neutralizes odors and eliminates pollutants so the air is fresh and clean.Call on the restoration services of COIT Salt Lake City when you need us most. We’re available 24/7 and we’re ready to help!

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Informative Intro, Prompt Service

Our call for our flood damaged Persian rug to be clean was given prompt attention. The person who picked it up was friendly and gave us a complete evaluation of the condition of the rug and the best treatment required to clean and restore it. The service was completed in a timely fashion. Would definitely highly refer this company.

COIT Carpet Cleaning
Date published: 10/30/2015
5 / 5 stars