Emergency Restoration Services Pittsburgh: Water Damage Restoration  

Rising rivers. Wind Driven Rain. Burst water heaters.  Broken washing machine hoses.  House flooding and water damage can come from many different sources, even pinhole pipe leaks. COIT Water Damage Restoration Pittsburgh helps home and business owners restore their properties after flooding. The experts at COIT have the experience and know-how to effectively dry out buildings after they have been flooded due to broken appliances, wind driven rain, ground water flooding, or water damage from putting out a fire. No matter what kind of flooding your home or business has experienced, be sure to call COIT as quickly as possible. COIT offers 24-hour emergency services for water damage restoration. Acting quickly in the first 48 hours to begin drying out your home can make the difference in saving furnishings, drywall, cabinetry and keeping mold from growing.  After 48 hours, there is increased the risk of structural damage and mold growth. Once you call COIT, our trained technicians will be there ASAP to pump out the water, and begin the drying and treatment process with our state of the art tools and drying equipment. COIT’s restoration managers will be without every step of the way to get your home dry and your life back to normal after a flooding event.  

Emergency Restoration Services Pittsburgh: Fire Damage Restoration  

When the fire trucks leave, there is a lot of work to be done before a home or business will be safe to inhabit again.  Damage from fires is three-fold: actual fire damage, smoke damage, and water damage. When Pittsburgh home and business owners need emergency damage restoration that they can trust, they call COIT. We are available 24 hours a day for fire damage restoration. COIT Fire Damage Restoration Pittsburgh will be at your property right away to begin saving your home, business, and possessions. If needed, we’ll secure your property in cases where doors, windows, or the roof has been compromised. COIT handles all aspects of fire damage restoration including debris removal, packing out possessions for smoke and soot removal, performing an inventory, arranging for dry cleaning, and performing water damage mitigation services.  If you just had a “minor” fire that did not require the fire department or any water to put out the fire, you might think that everything is ok.  A “minor” fire can result in thousands of dollars of property loss because smoke ruins appliances, metals, drywall, soft furnishings, and electronics. COIT’s specialized smoke removal equipment can eradicate toxic and corrosive smoke containments if used immediately after a fire.  

Emergency Restoration Services Pittsburgh: Mold Remediation

Many homeowners, landlords, and business owners are becoming increasingly aware of the dangers and liabilities associated with a mold infestation. Mold needs moisture to grow.  That means any situation in which a building is exposed to excessive moisture can cause mold growth, from condensation to flooding, broken pipes, or roof leaks.  The mold remediation team at COIT Mold Restoration Pittsburgh has the expertise and equipment to remove the excessive moisture, and kill and remove the mold.  Even dead mold is a health hazard; it is not enough to simply kill the mold. COIT performs the mold remediation with powerful HEPA vacuums, stat of the art structural drying equipment, and powerful yet safe anti-fungal cleaners.  COIT will help you identify the source of the moisture so that you can make your building safe and prevent future mold problems. COIT Pittsburgh follows the guidelines of the Standard Reference Guide for Professional Mold Remediation, an international authority for mold remediation professionals. COIT will perform a thorough mold remediation so that your building will be safe again. 

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