Water Damage Restoration 

Though it may be hard to imagine your home experiencing unexpected flooding, the reality is that these things can and do happen. And they happen when you least expect it! 

That’s why Coit water damage Cleveland exists – to help you bounce back from the unpredictable as quickly and as efficiently as possible. When water leaks in any part of your home, the best thing you can do is act quickly. 

Our team of Cleveland technicians is available 24/7 to respond to any water damage calls. We’ll arrive in your home armed with the most powerful drying equipment on the market. Using professional grade suctions and drying machines, we’ll dry your home’s floors, walls and ceilings to extract any water and prevent secondary damage. 

We can take over during a time of uncertainty and apply our training and expertise to dry furniture and other affected items.

The team at Coit Cleveland goes beyond the call of removing unexpected water damage; we’ll also tackle any mold in your home head on.

Mold Removal and Remediation 

If you suspect that mold spores may be contaminating your home and you’d like an inspection to assess the situation, call Coit mold remediation Cleveland to experience our 100% satisfaction guarantee

When mold exists in your home, it’s very important to take it seriously and call on the help of an experienced professional cleaning company. Mold can have disastrous effects on one’s health, as it contaminates the air and attaches itself to ceilings, walls and carpeting. 

If you rely on Coit for mold removal, you can expect our team to cover all the bases, and then some. 

Before beginning any work, we’ll conduct a thorough inspection, taking before photos to document the damage for your records. Next, we’ll utilize powerful HEPA vacuums to suck out the mold and eliminate contaminants that affect your home’s air quality. We’ll also wash each surface until no mold residue can be found.

Our commitment to you as our customer involves using the best equipment, combined with the right procedures and expertise, to completely eradicate any mold so you can live in a healthy home.

And when it comes to preserving the health of your home, Coit Cleveland doesn’t stop there. Our team is also on call 24/7 to help should you encounter fire damage.

Fire Damage Restoration

If fire strikes your home, the effects are overwhelming, physically, mentally and emotionally. Coit fire damage restoration Cleveland is committed to being part of the support system that helps you pick up the pieces and begin again.

Our emergency response team is available around the clock to help with smoke removal and cleaning. Should your home’s structure need professional repair as well, Coit Cleveland can also recommend and work with local contractors to get your home where it needs to be.

More specifically, the Coit Cleveland team can use commercial-grade equipment to tackle smoke removal in a way that household cleaning simply can’t handle. We’ll also assist with repairing damaged items to try and restore them to their original conditions.


If your home has experienced a fire and you need help, give us a call at Coit Cleveland today.