Do you ever walk by your drapes and wonder how long it’s been since they’ve had a deep clean? It’s easy to forget about drapery and window treatments that seem to look clean on the surface; but what’s actually lurking within the material?

That’s where Coit drapery and blind cleaning Naples can help.

With a helping hand from the most experienced drapery cleaning and blind cleaning company in Naples, you can rest assured that stains, invisible bacteria and musty or smoky odors will be completely removed from your window treatments.

We’ll use a process we invented to remove dirt, dust, pollen and anything else that’s hiding thanks to powerful vacuum equipment especially designed for drapery. 

Furthermore, we don’t just treat drapery – we can also deep clean, restore and repair roller shades, cellular shades, convertible shades, honeycomb shades, plantation shutters and more.

Coit Drapery and Blind Cleaning Naples Guarantees the Following Services

  • Coit drapery cleaning is the world’s biggest, most experienced cleaning company – we draw on over 60 years of experience working in customers’ homes around the world.
  • Whenever you hire Coit to perform in depth, professional cleaning on your window treatments, you can expect that we’ll include free takedown and reinstallation every time, so you won’t have to lift a finger.
  • With every service, Coit will not only eliminate microscopic bacteria and stains; we’ll also return your drapery with parallel pleats, no shrinkage and even hems.
  • Should you need repairs or alterations, our technicians are happy to include these services in addition to deep cleaning.
  • For homes or businesses interested in proactive flame-proofing services, this type of additional treatment is definitely available.

Coit’s Naples Team Uses the Process We Invented to Produce Results

When we’re deep cleaning or flame-proofing your home’s drapery, blinds or shutters, every action we take falls under the best practices Coit has used for over 60 years. As the largest and most experienced drapery and blind cleaning company on the planet, we know what works and we know what doesn’t. 

And for decades, our drapery and blind cleaning techniques have worked time and time again, leaving satisfied customers.

With Every Deep Cleaning, We Guarantee You’ll be Satisfied with the Results

Satisfied Coit customers can always bank on one thing: our 100% satisfaction guarantee

We offer this guarantee with every drapery and blind cleaning service because we’re so confident that you’ll be happy with the way your window treatments look when we’re finished. 

Coit Naples prides itself on sticking to our promise to uphold the 4 Rs:

  • Reclean – if your drapery, blinds or window coverings don’t look the best they’ve ever looked when our treatment is complete, we’d be happy to give it another go and perform another round of cleaning.
  • Refund – if the additional round of deep cleaning isn’t what you imagined it would be, we’ll go ahead and give you a full refund.
  • Repair – if anything gets broken by mistake while we’re deep cleaning your drapery and blinds, we will take full responsibility for all repairs.
  • Rectify – and if repair isn’t sufficient or something you want us to handle, we’ll gladly offer you a cash credit that’s equal to the item’s value.

Pick up the phone today to set up your free inspection appointment with a Coit Naples specialist.

We also serve drapety and blind cleaning in Fort Myers!

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