Do you have drapery on your windows that has never been cleaned? Or if it has been cleaned, is it looking like it has seen better days? For the most professional, most in depth professional drapery cleaning in Houston, you can rely on Coit drapery and blind cleaning Houston to revive and restore your window treatments.

Over time, airborne bacteria collects within drapery, settling deep below the surface. If drapery isn’t professionally cleaned, you actually breathe in these contaminants on a regular basis whenever you’re inside your home. By investing in a professional cleaning company like Coit Houston, you can feel confident that your window treatments will be free of years of dirt and dust.

Beyond drapery and blinds, we also use specialized powerful equipment to deep clean and revive cellular shades, roller shades, convertible shades, wood and aluminum horizontal and vertical blinds, plantation shutters and more.

Our Drapery Cleaning and Blind Cleaning Team Will Perform these Services

  • When you work with Coit Houston, remember that you’re working with the largest and most experienced drapery cleaning company on the planet!
  • We offer all of our clients free drapery and blind removal, as well as free re-installation, as a part of our standard service.
  • If you’re a fan of deeply cleaned drapery that has parallel pleats, no shrinkage and even hems, Coit Houston is the service you’re looking for, as this is part of our standard service.
  • Should your window treatments need any sort of repairs or alterations, don’t hesitate to let us know.
  • If you’re interested in flame-proofing services for drapery as a proactive measure, let us know and we can tell you more about this treatment.

Coit Drapery and Blind Cleaning Houston Invented the Process We Use

All of the treatments we perform for our Houston clients were invented by Coit. We’re actually the largest and most experienced drapery and blind cleaning company, with over 60 years of serving satisfied customers. Using a powerful vacuum that goes way beyond any household cleaning capabilities, our Houston technicians will extract bacteria and bring your window treatments back to life in just one cleaning treatment.

Our Houston Team Upholds the 4 Rs – Reclean, Refund, Repair, Rectify

So what kind of guarantee can you expect from just one cleaning treatment? We’ll sum it up like this: 100% satisfaction guarantee.

  • Reclean
  • Refund
  • Repair 
  • Rectify

We’re happy to reclean any window treatments right away if you’re not super happy with how they turn out following our cleaning treatment. If the recleaning still isn’t cutting it for you, we’ll refund your money.

And if we should accidentally damage an item in your home while we’re working on your window treatments, we’ll assume full responsibility for all associated repairs. If repair isn’t an option, we’ll rectify the issue by giving you a cash credit you can use to buy a replacement.

Call Coit Houston today to make an appointment with one of our drapery and blind cleaning technicians and get a free inspection and cost estimate. Your window treatments will never look better!

We also offer drapery and blind cleaning in Spring and Katy

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It was enjoyable working with everyone from COIT. They were professional and very friendly. Our draperies look and smell great!

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Date published: 12/12/2017
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