Grout Color Sealing

Matching the appropriate grout color with tiled surfaces is an important step in any room's design. Many home or business owners enjoy the elegant look that colored grout provides for their floors, shower walls or countertops. Colored grout presents its own cleaning challenges, however, because grout is porous and easily susceptible to discoloration, dirt, mold and bacteria.

COIT's professional Grout Color Sealing* process puts a barrier between your grout and contaminants, helping prolong the life of the surface. Our sealant will make your grout 100% non-porous, so that stains and dirt will remain on the surface instead of being absorbed into pores. This makes your grout much easier to clean. When cleaning your colored grout, COIT uses a special pH-neutral floor cleaner that will not deteriorate the integrity of the sealer.

Color sealers can restore grout back to its original color, or give your surface a whole new look without the expense of redecorating. COIT offers a wide range of colors for you to choose from. Our 10-year guarantee ensures that with COIT's specialized Grout Color Sealing process, your grout will be restored to a 100% uniform color, will be resistant to stains, will be 100% non-porous, and will repel chips, flakes or peeling.

Combine COIT's Grout Color Sealing service with regular Grout Cleaning and Tile Cleaning services for beautiful, sparkling, colorful surfaces throughout your home!