Update To A Healthier Home

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We bet you wouldn't have guessed, but indoor environments are often more contaminated than their corresponding exterior.  Freshen your home and update it to a healthier environment with these healthy home tips and solutions.   

Detox Your Home 

Hazards and pollutants populate every home.  Every second, we're exposed to countless risks that can impact our health.  

Healthier home

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Make your home healthier by removing some of the unknown, unhealthy culprits, and incorporate these tips as an alternative:

  • Use less fragrances.  Fragrances contain a list of chemicals that yes, smell nice, but are also linked to phthalate exposure that may cause health problems such as allergies.  For persistent, aggravating odors, spritz a mixture of 1 cup water and  teaspoon baking soda. 
  • Fill up your home with plants to heighten aesthetic appeal and ward off pollutants not limited to formaldehyde and ammonia.  An assortment of approximately 15 plants in separate group displays will have the maximum air-cleaning impact.  
  • Avoid chemical pesticides when protecting your home against pests and fungi.  Instead, spray a mixture of rubbing alcohol, water, and dish soap throughout the house and garden.  Or, consider introducing ladybugs to your home's exterior as natural pest munchers.  
  • Only use natural and nontoxic cleaning products to wipe down surfaces and for deep cleans.  Look for products that do not contain chlorine, phosphate, petroleum, ammonia, acids, alkalized solvents, nitrates, or borates.  These chemicals are harmful and leave toxic residue behind. 
  • Install a water filter.  Water filters reduce the risk of lead exposure, especially if your home plumbing setup is lead or brass.  Once you have a water filtration system installed, make sure to only use cold water and let the water run 30 seconds before using it to drink or cook. 

Make A Greener Impact

First and foremost, making your home more “green” will save you a lot of money in the long run.  It is also a more efficient use of energy and materials (by using renewable and recyclable products), and it produces better air quality for you and your loved ones to breathe.  

Healthier home

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You can make your home more healthy and green with these environmentally-friendly changes:

  • Consider replacing wall-to-wall carpets with hardwood or bamboo floors.
  • Update your energy source to solar or geothermal panels.  
  • Replace incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent lamps to save three-quarters electricity.   
  • Use no- or low-toxic, low-odor, and water-base adhesives and paints.  
  • Consider air purification systems to control odors and pollutants that cycle through your home. 
  • Upgrade your vacuum to rid the house of allergens.  Look for vacuums supplied with high suction, high filtration filters, an agitator, and tools for cleaning ceilings, drapes, and baseboards. 

From The Front Door To Back 

Take a walk-through of your house and ensure that you have

  • Doormats on both sides of the door to catch allergens, bacteria, and lawn chemicals,
  • A basket or shoe rack to establish a no-shoes-inside practice,
  • Crawl-space ventilation to reduce the spread of odors, mold, and mildew,
  • A functioning range-hood fan to catch harmful cooking by-products,
  • Electronic cleaner to wipe away common bacterias,
  • Machine-washable window and shower curtains for an easier clean, and a dust- and allergen-free home,
  • And flame-resistant mattresses. 

Healthier home

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With this complete list of recommendations, you can update to a healthier home with ease and little expense.  For other healthy home tips on how to make your home and family healthier, here are other articles you might enjoy: