COIT Shows Continued Support for Our Troops & Veterans

In the past, some of our military’s bravest soldiers have returned home from deployment with minimal job prospects. Likewise, members of the Active Guard Reserve may experience trouble getting off work for the allotted time needed to report for duty.

As a way to show continued support for our troops, companies like COIT are thrilled to step up and offer both veterans and active members of the National Guard steady work with a solid income, letting them take any leave of absence needed to serve on behalf of our beloved nation.

COIT Executive Honored by Department of Defense with Patriot Award

In Monrovia, California earlier this month, the National Department of Defense presented COIT executive and Chief Operations Officer, Janet Donelan with the Patriot Award.

Showing enormous gratitude, California Army National Guard Sergeant and COIT employee, Brian Sadile, alongside ESGR’s Ernest Cowell, respectfully bestowed Donelan with the honor.

The Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve—or ESGR for short—is a prominent Department of Defense program which specifically created the Patriot accolade as a form of recognition.

This Veterans Day, Keep Members of Our Military Gainfully Employed

By coordinating with the Reserve units, COIT COO Janet Donelan has ensured that members of the National Guard, including Sgt. Sadile, can take off the necessary weeks for annual training and still return to the workplace, knowing their career is intact. Creating a framework of flexibility like this proves how dedicated COIT truly is to our nation’s military. 

This year’s Veterans Day is on November 11. If you would like to get involved with supporting this cause, seek out more info from the Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve or contact COIT directly and know that by using our services, your household will be strengthening the employment of our U.S. troops.