If you love to cook, or just love to eat, spending the day exploring Stockton's local farmers' market can definitely whet your appetite. So what should you do if your fresh fruit makes its way onto your area rugs? Don't panic! Call COIT area rug cleaning Stockton. Our technicians will not only deep clean your carpet using powerful equipment; they'll also apply COITGard stain-resistant coating to protect against future stains.
  • At COIT, we will ensure that your rugs are not only going to be cleaned of all contaminants, but the best cleaning method for your area rugs will be applied to preserve their value and beauty.
  • Trust COIT's trained, certified carpet cleaning technicians and specialized equipment to ensure your area rugs receive the care and cleaning they deserve. 
  • In order to prevent future stains, we also offer our CoitGard™ stain-resistant coating so that your area rugs will stay cleaner longer.
  • Re-fringing and re-padding services are available when your rugs need extra attention.*

    *Geographic restrictions may apply