Area rugs are wonderful for enhancing a home’s style and comfort. A lovely area rug can tie together a room’s decor and create a harmonious design. An area rug cushions our feet from hard concrete or tile flooring and can protect your wood floors from heavy traffic. 

Area rugs are great spots for curling up to watch a movie or helping a child build a castle with blocks.  Regular care and professionally cleaning area rugs will help keep them looking beautiful and extend their lives for years to come. 

How Does COIT Atlanta’s Area Rug Cleaning Service Work?

Call us and we’ll take some basic information over the phone and schedule a convenient time to inspect and pick up your area rugs.  When we look over your area rugs, we’ll figure out the fabric type, backing, weave type, and soil level.  We’ll inspect the rug carefully for spots or stains.

If your pets have soiled your area rug, don’t worry. COIT Atlanta technicians are skilled at removing pet stains and odors. If needed, we’ll take the rugs offsite to our warehouse to clean them. 

Finally, we’ll bring your freshly cleaned rug back to your home and roll it out, just where you would like it placed.  We are the best area rug technicians in Atlanta!

Benefits of Getting Your Area Rug Professionally Cleaned by COIT Atlanta:

  • No need to drive- COIT Atlanta provides free pickup and delivery
  • No hidden fees- COIT Atlanta provides a written estimate before any work begins
  • COIT Atlanta technicians will perform customized cleaning to suit your area rug’s fiber type, weave, and age
  • COIT Atlanta can do repairs like fixing fringe, backing, and re-padding
  • We will protect your area rug against future spots or stains with COITGard fabric protector

Tips For Taking Care of Your Area Rug

  • Be sure to use a good quality rug pad.  Rug pads to prevent wear.
  • Make sure to rotate the rug every couple of months.  Rotating prevents traffic wear and uneven fading from sunlight
  • Stop wearing outdoor shoes in the home- this grinds dirt into rugs
  • Always vacuum area rugs at least once a week to prevent dirt buildup
  • Blot up spills promptly to prevent staining

COIT Atlanta follows the IICRC Best Practices

COIT Carpet Cleaners Atlanta follows the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) methods and recommendations for area rug cleaning. The IICRC is an international, independent, third party, the non-profit certifying organization that works to create consensus-based standards on cleaning and restoration.  We have the highest standards and are committed to providing the area rug cleaning Atlanta residents depend on to keep their rugs clean and fresh.

Why Choose COIT Atlanta?

At COIT Atlanta, we have a wealth of experience. COIT has been in the home cleaning business since 1950. You will always be satisfied with our area rug cleaning services, or we will make it right.  We offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. You will always be satisfied with our area rug cleaning services, or we will make it right.

  • RE-CLEAN your home’s area rugs.  If you are not happy with the second area rug cleaning.
  • REFUND the cost of the area rug cleaning.  If our team members caused any damages when cleaning your area rug.
  • REPAIR the damaged area rugs at no cost to you. If the damaged area rugs cannot be fixed.
  • RECTIFY the situation by crediting you with the area rugs present actual cash value* toward a future COIT cleaning or restoration service upon payment for the primary area rug cleaning service.