Whether you’re out and about a lot or more of a homebody, you probably spend a good amount of time under your own roof in your home, right? And when you’re inside, you’re breathing in the air that’s coming through your home’s air ducts. That’s why it’s crucial to make sure that air is clean. With a little help from COIT air duct cleaning Saint Paul, a reputable professional hvac company, you can feel confident that the air you’re breathing is positively contributing to your health.

If you hire COIT’s air duct cleaning team, we’ll start with a thorough inspection to get a clear idea of how many airborne contaminants are lurking there. This is called assessing your home’s Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).

Once we’ve determined its IAQ, we’ll determine the best approach to getting rid of dirt, dust and allergens using our powerful cleaning equipment. Thanks to a HEPA vacuum that can extract particles that are 1/300th the size of a human hair, our Saint Paul team can make a dramatic difference in the quality of air you breathe.

And if you’re looking for dryer vent cleaning Saint Paul, COIT can also help. Investing in dryer vent cleaning is a proactive way to keep your home that much safer, as clothes dryers cause over 15,000 fires per year.

COIT Air Duct Cleaning Saint Paul Purifies Your Home’s Air with Each Treatment

  • Our hvac cleaning treatment will get rid of airborne contaminants and debris that cant’ be seen with the human eye, but certainly affect your home’s air quality.
  • By hiring COIT Saint Paul to clean your air ducts, you’ll actually be lowering your monthly energy bill on a continual basis, as your home will be more energy efficient.
  • If you’re able to hire COIT to clean once every 24 months, you can greatly reduce the amount of allergens in the air, which alleviates respiratory ailments.
  • Should your air duct system need a new filter during the time we clean, our Saint Paul technicians can provide replacements.
  • As members of the National Air Duct Cleaning Association (NADCA), COIT is committed to staying on top of the most recent cleaning developments in the industry to bring you the best results.

We Offer Air Duct Cleaning Services that Are Approved by the NADCA

COIT Saint Paul has learned how exactly to achieve these results through working with the NADCA. 

The “NADCA is a trade association comprised of about 1,000 companies in the HVAC inspection, maintenance and restoration industry who have signed the NADCA Code of Ethics, and they have also invested time and resources into industry related training and education.”

When you’re deciding which company to choose from to clean your air ducts, keep in mind that COIT is one of those companies that’s committed to not only following this code of ethics, but also producing impeccable results that improve your health.

COIT Duct Cleaning Saint Paul Will Guarantee that You’ll Love the Results 

COIT Saint Paul’s services will improve your health through air purification. And our services will also be backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

  • We’ll reclean your air ducts at no extra charge if the first round doesn’t go as expected.
  • We’ll refund your money if the second round of air duct cleaning isn’t up to par for any reason.
  • We’ll repair any item if something should get accidentally damaged while our technicians work.
  • And we’ll rectify any issues with repair through issuing you cash credit if need be.

Enjoy the time you spend in your home by breathing the cleanest, freshest air possible. Give COIT Saint Paul a call today to schedule an appointment for a free inspection!

We also offer air duct cleaning services in Minneapolis


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COIT came out prepared to give us an estimate and do the job. After learning that our new home's furnace ducts probably hadn't been cleaned in 20 years, we were certainly glad we chose COIT to service our ductwork for us. Our technician had an opening in his schedule and was able to squeeze us in early, too!

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Date published: 10/21/2015
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