Spokane is located in the heart of the Inland Northwest and is the second most populous city in Washington. The Spokane River runs through the heart of our city and the beautiful Riverfront Park in downtown Spokane. An array of enjoyable outdoor activities are right out our back door; including ski resorts, white-water rafting, camping areas, hiking trails, lakes, and the Centennial trail. Why deprive yourself of these beautiful sights and adventurous activities by staying inside and cleaning? COIT is here to help you live a more enriching life!

  • Is your carpet in need of a long overdue cleaning? You need our expert carpet cleaning services.
  • Are your air ducts attracting dust? Our air duct cleaning services can remove allergens, mold spores and dirt to purify the air you breathe. 
  • Area rugs not looking so fresh? Area rug cleaning can treat your area and Oriental rugs using a custom approach, based on its style and make. 
  • Are your drapes and blinds starting to reek and gather dust? Our drapery and blind cleaning removes dust, dirt, smoke and odor, with free takedown and reinstallation. 
  • Is grime filling inside your tile and grout? Our tile & grout cleaning team of technicians takes scrubbing to a whole new level, using advanced technology to get the job done. 
  • Your upholstery starting to make you cringe with how dirty it is? Our upholstery cleaning team can revive your furniture, refreshing everything from silk to suede to velvet. 
  • Are the stone surfaces in your home not showing that usual shine? Natural stone care cleaning can free your granite from scratches, etches and wear marks. 
  • Recently faced with harsh water damage in your home? Our water damage restoration team can provide emergency services to contain and prevent any secondary damage.

    COIT Cleaning and Restoration of Spokane