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Those of us who live in Orange County, California, enjoy a wonderful quality of life. The “OC” offers residents the classic California lifestyle with miles of pristine beaches and nature reserves, top quality dining and shopping options, a wide range of cultural events, as well as access to Disneyland and Knott’s Berry Farm. Many famous art and music festivals are held in Orange County, and residents have fast access to hiking, surfing, skiing, and other outdoor activities. With an outstanding school system, Orange County is one of America’s best places to bring up a family.

Our Services

Bring your carpets back to the fresh, clean look of new carpet with the help of our professional team. Our truck-mounted carpet cleaning system provides maximum extraction of the dirt, dust, grit, and grease hidden deep in the carpet fibers. It is impossible to keep your carpets completely clean with regular vacuuming and store-bought carpet cleaners. Over time, as dirt and dust flow into the home, or is tracked in by foot, it settles in your carpets – leaving them looking stained or dingy. Our carpet cleaning service goes above and beyond in reviving and restoring your carpets, and can help maintain the quality of your indoor air. Added products such as deodorizers or our COITGard® stain-resistant coating can prolong the life of your carpets. For professional carpet cleaning in Orange County, you can trust COIT – the company with over six decades in the industry.

Behind the scenes, your air ducts are hard at work, particularly in Orange County, where air conditioning is often running for many hours every day. While these systems keep us cool or warm when needed, they also circulate dust, dirt, and allergens if not kept clean. Is your duct system dirty? Our professional technicians can quickly measure your indoor air quality to determine whether your air ducts need a thorough cleaning. Our air duct cleaning services will be customized for each home, geared to remove the many contaminants, such as bacteria, dirt, and allergens that may be having a negative impact on the health of your family. Ready for air duct cleaning in Orange County? Our professionals do it right.

At COIT, we take area rug cleaning in Orange County seriously. Our skilled area rug cleaners understand the importance of maintaining the dyes in your carpets. We make it all easy on you, and can either remove and clean your area rugs, or clean them in-home, depending upon your needs. From pet stains to spills and stains, we can restore them to a beautiful, fresh look. Are your area rugs looking a little worse for wear? We offer added services, including re-fringing and re-padding for all types of area rugs, including valuable Persian carpets.

The long months of sunshine in Orange County make it a wonderful place to live and work. Drapes, blinds, or both are needed to keep the heat out and the cool in, while providing privacy and style. Unfortunately, blinds and drapes tend to collect dust and dirt, eventually looking dingy, and affecting the air quality in your home. If you have custom drapes, you can be confident that our exclusive cleaning process will remove dust, smoke, pollen, and dirt, while keeping them in pristine condition. After cleaning, our team will re-hang them for you with the utmost care and professionalism. Not only do we offer free take-down and re-installation for all types of drapes, we can professionally clean all types of shades. If you need drapery and blind cleaning in Orange County, you want it done right – call us!

If you have tile floors, counters, showers, or other tiled areas in your home, keeping the tile clean and bright and the grout spotless is difficult. No matter how much you scrub, or which product you use, stains can be almost impossible to resolve. At COIT, we take a professional approach to tile and grout cleaning. We use a heated commercial cleaning solution, delivered with our truck-mounted extraction system, that blasts through dirt, stains, and mildew. Our grout cleaners are fast and effective, as well as safe. Tired of trying to remove stains to grout in your shower, on countertops, or floors? Let our team get to work and restore the shine and clean appearance of newly-installed tile. We also offer COITColorSeal®, a treatment to change the color of your grout so it not only looks more attractive, but will be better protected from stains in the future. For top quality tile and grout cleaning in Orange County, trust our team of professionals.

Your furniture can be restored to a fresh, clean look with our professional upholstery cleaning services. Our technicians have been expertly trained to clean even the most difficult coverings, from silk, to suede, to velvet, to countless other types of upholstery. Our system goes far beyond anything you could achieve on your own in spot removal and extracting ground-in dust and stains. Deodorizers can be added by our furniture cleaning experts to restore freshness, and added stain resistance with COITGard® will keep your couches, chairs, and other upholstered furniture immaculate between professional cleanings. Ready for upholstery cleaning in Orange County? You can trust us to clean – and protect – your furniture.

Stone brings a beautiful, natural look to your home, but a thorough cleaning can be difficult. Whether you have slate, travertine, marble, granite, or other natural stone, our team of experts can bring it back to life, leaving it spotless. Beyond cleaning, our special combination of compounds, cleaners, and grease cutters can remove scratches, wear marks, and etches that mar the surface. Our granite cleaning and marble cleaning experts perform highly-skilled stone restoration. Special sealants can be applied to protect against moisture damage in the future, and we can even add surface enhancers to improve the overall look. Trust our team to treat the stone in your home, from floor to counter to bathroom, with the care it deserves. For stunning results, call our expert team for natural stone cleaning in Orange County today.

Those beautiful wood floors are an enhancement to your home – but even with the greatest care in mopping and waxing when cleaning wood floors, they eventually lose their luster. Rather than expensive sanding, our wood floor cleaning service removes all ground in dust and debris from surface to those hard-to-reach corners, restoring the wood in the floor, and protecting it from future damage with a streak-free satin or gloss finish. Try our outstanding wood floor cleaning service as a yearly protection, and keep your floors looking new -- and protected from damage. Ready to restore the gleam of your wood floors? For wood floor cleaning in Orange County that is above the ordinary, reach out to our COIT team.

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Customer Reviews

We are very happy with Coit.
We got new carpet which made our drapes look in need of cleaning. Saw your ad, called & two gentlemen came out. Good price took the drapes returned them in one week & hung them up in 15 minutes. We will gladly recommend them.
COIT Carpet Cleaning
Date published: 04/09/2017
5 / 5 stars
Happy Customer
Timely response to request for service by the office and the service tech arrived on time and when right to work. The entire job was completed in a very timely manner and the end result for the carpet cleaning is better than we anticipated. I would recommend Coit Services to a friend.
COIT Carpet Cleaning
Date published: 03/24/2017
5 / 5 stars
Coit came through!
I tried two other major carpet cleaning services prior to Coit and they were a big disaster. Coit was on time, fast, professional at cleaning the carpet and very courteous. See you next year!
COIT Carpet Cleaning
Date published: 03/08/2017
5 / 5 stars